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WS-C3560X-24 can't view show key chain

I have devices WS-C3560X-24 Version 12.2(53r)SE2I need check configuration of eigrp key chain in manual i found command show key chain <my_key>but when i try do it, i receive error% Ambiguous command:  "show key chain eigrp-chain"Anyone kwon why the ...

SFP Onboard Routers

Greetings, I'm searching to buy a router and I'm looking for models with at least one SFP onboard. Also I want the router to support a second POE Power supply for failure support. The reason I ask the question is that if I want to buy a router and ad...

Cisco to Firewall Problem

Dear AllImage is Attached.Access Switch 2960 --->Core Switch 3750----> SonicWall 4500----->ACCESS Switch(vlan 1)Access  switch with vlan 90 is directly connected to gig0/12 (routed port of  3750) and FA0 of 3750 is connected to Firewall X3(192.168.80...

Resolved! Outbound Traffic Manage via eBGP

Dear Experts,Herewith attached diagram(with proposed req)We are using multihomed eBGP in single Router from multiple ISPs bandwidth for internet.We have our own IP Address , at present our oubound traffic going throug ISP 1 , when ISP-1 b/w goes down...

Static NAT Translation with Route-Map

Hello,Seemingly simple question here.I have a internal host ( that needs to be statically NATed to a external address ( EXCEPT when going to a subnet across our Site to Site VPN tunnel ( was my setup...

Cisco ASR 1004 & SFP-GE-T Problem

Hi,We have a Cisco ASR1004 with SPA-8X1GE-V2 SPA. When we insert an SFP-GE-T in the SPA, the link fails to become active. The LEDs are amber in  color and the interfaces status is down down. The ASR  is directly connected to a Cisco 2960 switch. We h...

WCCP Cisco X HP Switch

Hi there, I´m looking for how to configure a WCCP on a Hp Environment (specific HP12500 / 7500 Switches). I´m already have configured wccp on my Cisco Environment but I also have a HP devices.What´s the name of the protocol used by HP for WCCP??   So...

aporcaro01 by Beginner
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Dynamic ACL statement order

Hi All,I have spent a whole day struggling with a basic dynamic ACL that seemed to deny hhtp traffic that it is supposed to permit.  Please, look at the exceprts below and perhaps, explain why one works and the other doesn't work;      RTA(config-if)...

Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution 4.2

Hi,I am new with Cisco prime LMS and trying to set this up for two data centers. I have done some research on this and have set up few very basic features for this application like device status, invertory status, device information . I have tried my...

IPsec VPN conf

crypto isakmp policy 2hash md5authentication pre-sharegroup 2lifetime 28800crypto isakmp key XXXXX address XXXXXXX!!crypto ipsec transform-set XXXXX esp-aes esp-sha-hmac!crypto map XXXXXXX 1 ipsec-isakmpset peer XXXXXXXXset transform-set XXXXmatch ad...

ajf303 by Beginner
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