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I am currently trying to configure SSH access to an ASR1004 Router.  When running the following commands to generate my keys:Router(config)#crypto key generate rsaI am getting the following output:How many bits in the modulus [512]: 1024% Generating ...

Hi,I know theres loads of discussions about giving access to DMZ from Inside network.I got this to work, but there were some side effects....say my inside network is is 10.10.1.xits on an ASA 5510 - which is not the default gateway on ...

smithcolm by Level 1
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Hi, am having trouble trying to setup a 2800 series router as a failover device (please bear in mind that I am fairly new to IOS).The device has two ADSL modules installed which will be used as a direct connection to the ADSL lines rather than go thr...

hi !I'm to ask about IP address classes. Is and same? or and are same? please discuss and provide me some relevant material if anyone has !

Hello everyone,on the topology, I have two router A and B, and I want to put between two BGP routers,my problem is that routers do not bridge connected physically, but through a port-channel (Vlan 13),Do you think I can do the routing between the rou...

Hello,I have a cisco 3845 router. I am unable to login thid router. There was no changes made in configuration however when i am trying getting the error,ssh : connecting to host x.x.x.x port 22:connection refused. i tried re generating the key but n...

sayast001 by Level 1
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The hospital that I work for recently acquired an off site clinic. We have since routed the clinic's internet traffic through our network via a Metro-E connection. The problem that I am running into is that the internet traffic for the clinic is very...

jburger by Level 1
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We are a small ISP that provides dsl service. The phone company is changing the data delivery to our router from ATM to Ethernet and I’m having trouble configuring a 7200 vxr to work with static IP’s on the end users.ip dhcp excluded-address 10.10.10...

learjg502 by Level 1
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Hi All,Whenver there is a question asked on wht BGP is perferred on the internet as opposed to other routing protocols one reason I usually here is that BGP can process huge number of routes and SPF and DUAL cannot. Can someone please help me underst...

After upgrading from 12.4(15)T13 to 15.2(4)M3 we have an EIGRP one-way peering condition.  The Hub sees the remote, but not vice-versa.  The condition can be temporarily resolved by deleting the tunnel from the configuration and then re-adding it.  A...

Hi everyone,When configuring a T1 x 2 multilink interface, do we enable fair queueing on the individual serial interfaces or on the single Multilink1 interface associated with that group?  I recently had to deploy a WAN link where I enabled fair queu...

Hi, after going through the password recovery procedure (console) we are no longer getting access to our configuration.  In other words, when we go into romrom we get the router> and then router# prompt and then we would typically get the our_router_...