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Hi We have Cisco 2911 router with image flash:/c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-2.T2.binlicense is ipbase.----------------------------------------------------------------Technology    Technology-package          Technology-package              Current   ...

Hello everyone,I'm facing a problem in the topology attached.We connected to a partner (callcenter) using a /30 point-to-point with public addressing. We will not mix our internal addressing.R3 is partner's router, R1 in HQ router, R2 is our companie...

mario_kmc by Beginner
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Resolved! EIGRP AD RD & FD

Hi All,While studying about EIGRP I found this diagram online & was confused by the description of how EIGRP chooses its best route...Can some one please tell from the diagram, what would be the Advertised Distance, Reported Distance & Feasible Dista...

Resolved! MPLS understnding

                  Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I have an router with MPLs configured, that is a subinterface from my wan connection eg.interface fastethernet0ip address 0.200encapsulation dot1Q 200ip address the lan side...

silex by Beginner
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Friends here is scenario,Suppose I have connectivity between CE and PE through a Gig Circuit like belowCE-------------------------------------------PE And bgp is configured on both ends but there is also a secondary CE and that is connected to other ...

Good day everyone,ive seen a lot of examples of the above subject but i would like to have some clarification on an existing lab configuration issue we are having. first off, im by no means an expert hence reaching out here we have a customer that ha...

a.gooding by Contributor
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Hi guys,I have set up a lab (see below) and wondering if someone can shed some light on it. My task is to understand MTU with pseudowire setup between two routers. Two routers connected via point-to point link (In between is our partner ISP), the rou...

Hi,While  I am debuging ICMP traffic originated from a router ( Debug ip packet  details) it is showing packets routed via FIB and reply is showing as  routed via RIB .is it means ICMP packet originating from the router is  CEF switched ? if it does ...

Dear AllI'm a bit confuse of the Packet Per Second performance measurement from Cisco. Does it calculated based on All Interface In PPS + All Interface Out PPS = Datasheet Packet Per second?Or just take the In PPS of All Interface.ThanksBenny

bennyng11 by Beginner
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Hi All,We have a static route that is redistributed with metric 1 in to OSPF and it is properly advertised on all routers. But we want to one router to be exception. We do not want this static route on this router. Below is the config on my router. r...

I have been asked to configure a spare cisco to act as a bridge between 2 local networks.  I have created a simply config with a static NAT from one specific device (on the 192 network) to the device on the 10.10.64 network.  It works a treat.  The p...

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