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                   Hello,I am new to using Cisco routers for accessing the internet. I have the following senario, I have a Virgin media super hub set in modem mode connected to the router  Ethernet interface 0/0, I my computer will be connected to i...

Hi,Does anyone have a sample configuration please for a 887VAW router, I have set up 850 and 877w in the past, however this unit seems to be completely different, I need basic natted config with the AP running.Thanks ever so much.

a.burchell by Beginner
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Hi,Here is the topology/scenario: primary optical link between CPE and PE, and backup 3G/ADSL link between CPE and PE.I am considering link failure detection on primary link (after which backup link should take over). Does anybody know which method i...

Resolved! cisco2951-MPLS

                   Hi everyone,Can Cisco2951 work as an MPLS router. If yes what will be needed to make it function as an MPLS router?Else which alternative router can function as an MPLS router.brsam

rahman001 by Beginner
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Hi,Our server guys want to extend a single /24 subnet between two geographically disparate sites. We have all kinds of infrstracutre between the two sites, including firewalls, WAN links, etc. Would L2TP be a good solution for this? My understanding ...

To All, I  am having an issue attempting to  connect to my ISP Bt  Internet (ISP Provider in UK) I have copy/pasted the input from show  running-config, please view the input and please point out to me of anything incorrect? Router#show run Building...

reb999000 by Beginner
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All,What is the default community value that is injected in a iBGP neighborship?As an example, I have routers A and B in iBGPRouter B just has a statement" neighbor "IP of A" send-communityWhat will this statement really do? what kind of community wi...

Hi,I want to capture packet on gi0/0 of PE1 in  order to show customer that all his traffic is encapsulated and  transmitted by L2VPN (ldp signaling) in his lab.CE1-----------(g0/1)PE1(g0/0)------------PE2-----------CE2PE1 and PE2 are Cisco3945 and L...

Dear All:I use one PA-2H on my 7206vxr to connect 2 T3 lease line,Due to the performance issue,I plan to replace my Cisco 7206VXR to ASR 1006,When I check the interface option for asr 1000 series router,I don't find the HSSI SPA for ASR Series Router...