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Resolved! CCIE HELP

Hi All,  I am recently certified CCNP R & S.  My skills and experience lie in this area... Switching, OSPF, EIGRP BGP etcI would like to progress on to the CCIE R & S but have had very little exposure to QOS and MPLS, VPN's Frame Relay, ATM etc - bas...

Hello,I get a problem on my switch 6509 & cpu R7000. when i reboot my switch i get the NVRAM corrupted problem & get the switch in the rommon>.so i need to boot it manually.My question is: can i fix that with changing the clock battery?Also, can i ma...

husamaga1 by Beginner
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Hi guys, kindly let me know, how to browse cisco universe cd on line. Kindly lemme have the link and tips to start with. Have directly entered in to univerCD documents so many times through google but wanna know steps to browse.I understand below is ...

ashish by Beginner
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We have a six node MPLS network, all nodes route to our main office for a variety of services (email, core, fire shares, Internet, etc). Therefore, the link to our main office is crucial. In the event that the MPLS link to/from our main office become...

I have the following commands on my Cisco 3845 router running IOS version 12.2(24)T4:ntp server preferntp server source loopback0I see that the router is sending out NTP version 4; however, my NTP server is configured to ac...

david.tran by Enthusiast
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I have a pair of 7206VXR routers. They go end-of-support on Feb 28th 2013. I had hoped to be done with these circuits by now. I'm stuck with them for a while longer while Century Link get their head out of their ash.What is the recommended replacemen...

hypnotoad by Participant
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I have been trying to solve this problem all day and i can't seem to trouble shoot why.Im trying to change my IP address, mask and dg, on my computer with the DNS server information but everytime i do it on the LAN i lose internet connection and when...

We have a customer who has a network consisting of two ISPs, one as a primary and the other as a backup. The customer would like us to use HSRP for the failover. The problem is the customer wants the configuration done with the two ISP routers connec...

Folks,I am looking to combine more than one regex into a single expression:I have regex number 65001, 65002, 65003, 65004 upto 65030 into a single regex. ip as-path access-list 10 permit _65001$ip as-path access-list 20 permit _65002$ip as-path acces...

Dear Team,we replaced a SUP720 installed in a Cisco 7206vxr because after a switchover it has been in ROMMON.After the hot swap of the board the device restarted, i suppose that it is due by a bug , with the combination of hardware (5.2) and release ...

Hey everyone,Hoping you can give me a hand.   I have two seperate circuits (A full T1 and a fractional T1 512) coming into a single router.   The IP range forthe LAN is 192.16.1.X  /24.    Our telco is doing an AS override on our BGP number which mak...

jonesl1 by Beginner
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