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Hello all-I have network design issues for my client. Please see the network config below.Current Network:There are four logical networks configured on the switch, the switch is connected to the router, and the router is connected to the MPLS to hit ...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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Friends, I created a GRE tunnel and I can't ping the tunnel destination from either router.  I am able to ping the tunnel ip address on the router that it's configured on.  Can anyone help please?  I have two routers.  The configs are as follows.Rout...

Hi Guys,I need to configure a Cisco 887va router for a customer with a firewall that doesn't support PPPoA. I basically need to ensure all traffic that is recieved from the internet (ADSL connection) is NAT'd to a LAN interface so the firewall can do...

I have a question that we don't seem to be able to resolve with BT... We experience random disconnects, in that the sync is present but the PPP session drops. Unplugging the DSL cables and re-inserting after the sync is lost always makes the router r...

dataIP by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,One of my clients has router connected to the MPLS via eBGP, and all switches/LAN's use EIGRP. On the router, they redistributed EIGRP over the BGP so all the site can communicate each other. They are thinking to change the protocol EI...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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Hi Cisco Gurus,I got a 6M Metro Ethernet connecting to ISP ( for online portal) Over at the ISP end, they rate-limit the bandwidth to 6M, so at my end, i do a shape average 6M. however, when traffic starts to pick up, I'm seeing output drops. can som...

tiew_lenny by Beginner
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I have a SM-SRE-910-K9 in a 29XX.  It came with 4Gb and is expandable to 8Gb.  Can I just order a SM-MEM-VLP-4GB and upgrade it myself to 8Gb, or is this type of memory upgrade something that has to be done at Cisco at the time of order?  I thought I...

sam.lakey by Beginner
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                   Hi Everyone,4500 device has config for GRE only.I cleared the counters but drops are incrementing rapidly    reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255  Encapsulation TUNNEL, loopback not set  Keepalive not set  Tunnel source ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Desde que actualice mi router cisco 3825 a la versión c3825-advipservicesk9-mz.151-3.T4.bin, ejecuto el comando ip classless y sin embargo no me lo muetra ¿Que necesito activar adicionalmente para poder ver el comando ip classless?

Hello ,  In order to understand how OSPF set up adjacencies , I used wireshark to capture ospf packets under GNS3 Lab , the first packet I saw when I  do shut down and no shut down is Hello unicast Packet , after all Hello packets are mutlicast , I ...

All,Im trying to figure out why am I unable to ping the outside.Building configuration...Current configuration : 6634 bytes!! Last configuration change at 06:12:26 PDF Mon Jul 2 2012version 15.1service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps...

Can anyone tell me if they have ever saw a Cisco Router only allow 55 or less entries in an ACL before it ignores the rest after the 55th entry.I have someone coming to me telling me that the access-list he implemented to permit a remote site to the ...

Hi, can you help me confirm how to find the maximum number of PRIs supported on a given router:Let's say I need to find maximum number of PRIs I can connect on a C3945. I see that I could buy  for example (4) VWIC3-4MFT-T1/E1. The C3945 comes with (4...

news2010a by Participant
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