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Resolved! BG question

Currently, the client has single site and dual ISP providers running BGP. Now the client is tryinng to implement Geographic diversity for an Internet services via adding an internet circuit at site 2. In the event the internet down at site 1, the use...

Resolved! 1 IP Address Subnet

The isp providing the wan connectivity at the remote office is providing this static ip address:IP Address:   Mask:      need to create a wan connection that I can then use ...

PAT with static NAT on same interface

Hi All,Does having the following configuration on an ios device present any possibility that an egress stream PAT'ed to loopback gets source port translated to the statically nat'ed port?interface Loopback0 ip address y.y.y.y ip nat outsideip nat ins...

Resolved! BGP route selection troubleshooting

Routers; CE1 (, PE1 and PE2 (, imagine a triangle set up.CE1 has a link to PE1 and they are peering via BGP to exchange routes, into a VRF (CE1 AS 65002, Provider AS 12345). CE1 also has a backup link to PE2, PE2 has a static route po...

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Cisco 1841 Problems

Every time I reset my 1841 router the startup configs don't load. Its acting like a password recovery process has started. I can't figure out why its doing it, so does any one have any ideas.

Resolved! 2 services, same port

Hopefully this makes sense...We are in a planning phase of adding another service to our DMZ.  The DMZ has a singe publicly accessible IP.  We are running Citrix inside our network externally accessible via web https (443).  Another service will be a...

qos - priority percent question

Hi, all cisco techone thing bother me for a while.we have two point to point routers with a OC3 link and do not know who configured it.policy-map WAN-EDGEclass AAA  priority percent 65class class-default  fair-queue  queue-limit 1000interface POS1/0i...

noob question old print servers

Company has implemented a 3750x with older Lexmark Pro print servers on new Vlan configuration for printers.  Causing print servers to lose connection.  Have to reset constantly.  Have tried to configure print server ports to full.  Also new Nexus 70...

Unable to ping out from LAN via PIX firewall

Hello,I have the following PC ( -----> gateway ( ----- Pix E1 ( E0 (81.x.x.250) ------ InternetThe gateway is a 3560 switch connected to the PIX. I can ping out to the Internet via IP fro...

how to display all tagged routes?

How to display all tagged routes?I am redistributing bgp routes into ospf - I tagged all routes and I would like a quick way to display all tagged routes.Right now, I can verify each tagged route one by one. But rather do it with one single command i...