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ISR 4331 Unable to use full bandwidth.

Greetings all! I am having a strange issue with MPLS traffic inbound to the Gig interface of an ISR 4331. The circuit is 100 Mbps. We are having no issues with traffic outbound on that interface. File transfers are quick and traffic will use the full...

SMcCoy841 by Beginner
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Resolved! Multi-Wan Status = WAN1 offline

I've configured my RV340 for Dual Wan operation. Wan 1 is a cable ISP, Wan 2 is Starlink (from directly from the power brick). However, Wan 2 is always showing as "offline" in the System Summary, yet I can see port traffic on Wan 2. Does this situati...

RickMo by Beginner
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Static IP Nat Outside with Route-map

i have static IP NAT inside statement with route-ma( Route-map is working with extended ACL)NATing is working without any problemip nat inside source static x.x.x.x route-map TEST for some reason.. i want to reverse the NATing statement ...

Resolved! Can't ping between servers

Hello everyone, I was working on a packet tracer assignment and i have a problem. For some reason I cant ping between 2 Servers. Even though i have setup ipv4 rip, eigrp, ospf between the routers. I will post a screenshot of the network down below.Do...

Router-internal update interval of the counters of "show interfaces"?? (not meant: "load-interval xx" !!)

Hello,Important: This is not a question about the interface config command "load-interval 30".I have a TCL script that runs in the CLI and extracts via "sh interface <intf>" the input and output rate counters in 5 sec interval.On Cisco 4k and 800 ser...

rplaue by Beginner
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Weird CPU usage ?

Hello,I have some issues using an ISR 4321 as a voice gateway, when I hang off the IP phone, I can hear the caller but after like 7 to 10 seconds, during which nothing is heard at all for both ends, I thought it might be a high CPU usage which makes ...

TrickTrick by Participant
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MTU and Giant/Input Errors

Hello all, there might already be a thread out there for this but I wanted to ask.  We are getting a bunch of Giants on a TenGigE interface on an ASR9K connected to an ASR5500.  I have 2 questions:1. Do Giants cause any issue and if so, what?2. The A...

Resolved! DHCP Failure

I am trying to ping the pcs in different LAP but in the same network. however, the PCs are not able to ping each other as they are not getting IP from the DHCP pool. The error is "DHCP failed. APIPA is being used". Can someone please help me spot the...