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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hi,i am currently using 3845 router. my serial link terminated over wic-2t and nm-4t module .now planning to upgrade router 3945 due to higher bandwidth support requirement . please suggest serial card supporatble over 3945 router to terminate serial...

r.kukreja by Level 1
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I having a basic query in troubleshooting E1 link , here im facing packet drop in the link and we are testing by providing local loop and remote loop from the CSU/DSU at local point and at  remote point . I have tried  ping test while the loop is giv...

raja d by Level 1
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We are looking to deploy a DMVPN solution for 20 remote devices.  At each remote site there will only be a single endpoint connected and thus only a single IP needed.  I am wondering if it is possible for all sites to share the same subnet with a com...

Hello.I inherited this router and I am trying to setup a vpn tunnel on a virtual interface. (I dont want to apply it directly to the outside interface)This is my first time to do this, so I am pretty sure I am doing the setup wrong. The other side of...

Hello friends,Need your help,I have 6 routers configured with BGP, r1 directly connected to r2 and r3, r4 is directly connected to r2 and r3, and all are running iBGP AS 100, where as r5 is directly connected to r3 and running eBGP(AS 200) and r6 is ...

I have a few questions I am wondering if anyone can help me with.We currently have two cisco 2861's with c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T8.bin loadedCurrently one of these routers is in production. It has a public address, one secondary address an...

Resolved! track ip or rtr?

Hi there,Tried to play around with this track command.!!track 12 ip route reachability!track 13 rtr 3 reachability! Is there any difference when using  ip verses rtr R1#sh trackTrack 12  IP route re...

maher by Level 1
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In your experience, do SP customers (i.e. Banks, Retail, Gov't etc) trust the MPLS VPN service? So by that, I am asking if it is common for SP customers to deploy encrypted overlay solutions (eg IPSEC) for lack of trust of the MPLS VPN? Or, do they t...

I'm looking for a way to force my traffic between source A and destination B, which is taking a path thru a mesh of routers, to split up (does not have to be evenly) here at my local router and then take multiple paths to destnation B.  In this scena...

mmegale by Level 1
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Dears Would like your assistance please regarding MC-LAG According to below diagram, are both links are active at same time , or one active and the other is standby ? I believe below how it works .. please correct me If I am wrong - Both modes are s...

Hi, We are in a process to replace our old end of life switches( mostly Cisco 2950's) with some new offerings from cisco. Attached is our current network diagram. Can you please provide a merit of using Cisco Nexus switches in this design and also wh...

  Hi,Does anyone have a doc for installing and connfiguring the 3g card(Cellular0 interface) for a backup link?Could the 3G card be configured for a static VPN between two endpoints - like a site to site VPN or is it generally used for users to use A...

I have a 837 that I'm getting setup for a charitable cause. I copied most of another operation setup but am having issues with the routing, I think.THe ATM appears to be correct using the "ping atm interface 0 0 35 end-loopback" command.I have pasted...

jbryan189 by Level 1
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