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BGP routing table entry fields meaning

Hi all, I found a Cisco Live Presentation with a BGP routing table entry, see image attached.And I have a question regarding this BGP routing table entry: In the Line:BGP routing table entry for [2]:[0]:[15335345]:[48]:[0050.56a8.b003]:[0]:[]/...

TinyMiny by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR9006

Hi,I have a customer that is having an issue with an ASR9006 fan, below is what they sent. We installed a fan tray this past Friday and it doesn't seem to be recognized by the ASR. I've included show commands below to show what is going on. The fpd p...

Resolved! How redistribure BGP routes in OSPF Router

Hello,Why my R2 cannot redistribure BGP (555) routes into ospf zone (OSPF_2 Router)? Maybe my config with error? Thk for answers! RR, R1, R3 and R4 see ospf network.Heres configuration R2 and OSPF_2

ospf2.PNG screen.PNG
EAleg by Beginner
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HA setup for CSR 1000v in AWS

Hi Team, We have deployed cisco vCSR solution in AWS. Now we are trying to implement  HA solution for cisco vCSR 1000v in  AWS . Done the setup in Test environment  But getting issues during the HA fail over.  Getting below error in logs. Any help wo...

Abhi11 by Beginner
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Resolved! C1161X-8P basic setup without NAT

Hi, I'm stuck and would appreciate some help.My config is attached. Currently the acls areip access-list extended InsideToOutside_acl10 permit ip any anyip access-list extended OutsideToInside_acl10 permit ip any anyif I change OutsideToInside_acl to...

Resolved! Multiple DHCP pools on Cisco 891F

Hi everyone,I have a cisco 891F vpn router and would like to have more than one dhcp pool. Possible?Current dhcp pool is, gateway I would like to create a new pool with with gateway Is this pos...

hochgenub by Beginner
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3750 OSPFv3 IPv6

Hello, I am having issues passing routes through OSPF to BGP We have a BGP Router and Distrubution router but cant ping from our distrubution router to the BGP one 3750-8 ( BGP Router )3750-12 ( Distrubution Router ) This is our ospf configs 3750-8 i...

CobbyJ by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR 1000 Scaling for IPOE sessions

HiChecking the ASR1000 Scaling for the maximum no. of supported IPOE sessions on the box, I found the following link: