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L2 Etherchannel over 2 ISPs between two sites

We are implementing the network design between the two sites (OLD Data center and NEW Data Center), scheme in attachement.We have chosen this scheme on the following criteria:- A single IP network between the sites (for simplicity migration);- Fault ...

dvrizhov by Beginner
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Cisco 3945 - Max HSRP Groups?

I am trying to find out what the maximum amount of HSRP/Standby groups a Cisco 3945 will support.I found this link that I think says 256 anyone...

bg_27 by Beginner
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Cisco 3945 E PAT issue

Hi ,We have a 3845  router deployed at a tier  2 ISP  for  PATing user based sessions to the Internet ,the issue happening is when the NAT table size reaches approximately 2,000,000 the router gets hung and has to be restarted  the router has a memor...


We have a ciso 2800 router with a vpn over a WAN to a Checkpoint firewall The WAN is 300M and has a 30ms delayThe vpn was moved over there from a WAN with on ly 2M BW but less delay.But now the performance is worse.ive read some about teh use of tcp-...

jschweng by Beginner
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ASA routing issues

Ok,So having some issues with routing on a ASA.  Not sure if the ASA can do what we are trying to do with it however it was the equipment we have on hand and was asked to attempt to make it work.Below is the config of the ASA.  The problem I am havin...

MPLS - Static versus BGP

We are implementing a MPLS network between our corporate office and our two data centers.  The basic network diagram is shown.  We will be using Cisco 2900 series routers.  The provider requires static or BGP.  What is recommended, static or BGP, and...

routercpu by Beginner
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Applying rate-limit to a bridge on 1841

Dear All,1841 - IPBASE 12.4.7dWe provide internet access for a number of clients sitting on our WAN, at present they have un-restricted access to the full bandwidth of our 1Gb internet pipe. As they are only paying for a proportion of that we want to...

Resolved! New connection over WAN TLS not working

I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't for the life of me figure out why our new connection isn't working.We have a Main office with a connection through our Internet service providers TLS (transparent lan service) connection to a shop location,...

SLA Monitoring in switch

"hi allHow to configure SLA monitoring in 3560 switch. I have 2 DSL links terminating in switch and want to do WAN failover. I know how to do in ASA and router. I found IP SLA and track commands on switch but don't know exactly how to use them. Can s...