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Hi,I know, that my question is like a "first 2 weeks of CCNA training", but  I'm a little bit confused and trying to find th optimal solution.take a look at the pictureit's quite simple OSPF routing domain with 3 Areas. Let say we'd like to reach a n...

Hi.I have a Cisco 1921 router and it uses 99% of CPU and i cant seem to spot wich process that is taking up the cpu. Please have a look.I have an interface with several sub-interfaces and i am moving data between two of those subnets, i tried the "ip...

Hi, I have an issue, I need to advertise for two ISP same network in bgp session. I have two routers with this configISP1(Router 1)router bgp XXXXXnetwork mask mask (Router 2) router bgp XXXXXne...

Dears,I have to use the internet from my HQ to my branch office the connection between the HQ & branch is BGP & i m using an ISA server at HQ.but the problem is that I am not able to browse while I can ping from My remote office to ISA server.please ...

msheraze1 by Beginner
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Hello,I have a NAT question for a Cisco IOS router.I have a static 1:1 Nat for a server behind my router like this:ip nat inside source static XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.10 route-map nonat   (XYZ....10 is my public IP)I also have a mask NAT (overload) ...

sossie by Beginner
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i need to know how many links i can using with load-balance on the same router ?i have router cisco 2901 , 3 providers , every provider having 4 links can i load balance between 12 links ?i am using static route

Hi,I have two router , conneted with dual WAN , both are from different vendor. We want to run EBGP as protocol.We need to sent some traffic through one link and some from another but when one link will goes down the other one needs take care of all ...

Pretty simple, using an IP SLA icmp-echo with HSRP for failover.ip sla 1 icmp-echo frequency 30ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time nowIt works, unless the ping times out.  Once it does, it will never return a success again unless I ...

thomas947 by Beginner
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I am having an issue configuring a NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 module on a 2921 ISR router running 15.1(4)M2.  Under the Integrated Service Engine interface, I do not see the "service-module ip address" options.  Any ideas?Router(config)#interface integrated-Se...

I have a customer with a main office and 9 branch offices.  Their phone system is an NEC NetLink, which I admittedly know little about as I was not involved in its implementation.  The main office has an ASR 1001 with a trunk ethernet handoff to Time...

dbrown by Beginner
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We have been implemented guest access net which  was totally seperated on Global routing table with the other site.That was established by GRE tunnel to transport guest access traffic between backbone and that site.However, according to requestor, th...

syjeon by Beginner
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Hi all ¡¡¡I want to create an IPSec tunnel between 2 Cisco routers(R1-R2) passing through internet. I hope you can help me ¡¡¡¡ The authentication method is a preshared key. I explain all the steps.1) I think than I need at least one similar ISAKM po...

ciscolover by Beginner
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I have a few questions on my BGP routing table (This is a test network with gns3)   Network          Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path*>                  0               32768   i*>i3.3.3.3/32  ...