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I am shaping my outbound router (2921) link to 50Mbs.  I have my QOS policy nested inside my shaping policy and I have noticed (what I think) is a high amount of packet drops in one of my queues.Below is the output of 2 show policy-map interface g0/0...

Hi,I am having issues with global vrf route leaking.It is working in an evironnement that has a dialer interface or a static route, but if the isp at the customer location use a dhcp connection, I can't redistribute the global route into the vrf.Is t...

slauzon by Level 1
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Hi everyone  There is a backbone switch and 40 edge switch..I want create 5 users.But I dont want to create every swtich,I want to ceate a user and all edge switch can run this user,how can ı solve this problem?

Hi.I am installing a’ stack with 3st WS-2960S-48FPS with IOS c2960s-universalk9-tar.150-1.SE2bin.I am planning of using Auto-upgrade, and have installed flash:c2960s-universalk9-tar.150-1.SE2.tar on my master switch. But when reloading my stack who s...

hey, there,we have a device that is connected to a router 2800. from the router, I did a show cdp, it shows it is H.what exactly is this device? Please take a look at the attached file.thanks,Han

Hi,I was wondering how many ports this card has, I believe it is a single port, but I am a little bit confuse because in the overview of the cards says:

jacinto1m by Level 1
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Hi Friends, I need some help regarding VLANs. Here is my scenarion:A fiber connection from ISP is coming to a switch supplied by ISP, so only 1 port is active on it. That 1 port is connected to our firewall and then from firewall we have connections ...

syed by Level 1
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hi, i have two different  ISP in my cisco router 2811.local lan: x.x.x.xISP2:y.y.y.yi want half of the IP should be working with ISP1 and other half of the IP should be working with ISP2.If any one of the ISP link is down means all ...

Hi,I am very new to high end cisco devices.(like 7600/6500 or ASR9K)Can someone please make me understand why do we login on RP. What actions we can perform after logging-on RP (route processor) or Why they are required ? Cant we  make those by norma...

our WAN is connected via L2WAN and using EIGRP to connect the sites.  Currently there are 35 EIGRP neighbors over L2WAN and we are to install 15 more sites and will be connected to the same L2WAN.  Some sites are still using Cisco 2651XM and we would...

dfulguer by Level 1
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Hi Experts,                I need your help. From my service provider i have IPV6 address for internet lease line.I want to configure this address in such a way that LAN user can access internet using ip v6. Its easy to configure same senario in IPV4...

Hellosuppose we have the following diagramusing RIPv2.RIPv2 will auto-summaries by default. i thought it will make summary to since this includes and however i discoverd that it summaries to

ohassairi by Level 5
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Hi, I am looking at upgrading our 4503 to the 4507R+E. Just going through the configurations and a couple of commands seemed to have dropped off this release.1. I can no longer specify encapsulation type on a trunk. Does the 4507 auto sence encapsula...