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i have one router cisco 3925 with two serials Hwic 2T..these two interface are configured for load sharingi have now one interface is up up on the physical and also the sub interface is also up up and working properlybut the other interface is up dow...

Hello,Our existing DR site is set to same area as Data center (area 0). IP address scheme is different than DC. We are planning to move this DR to new location. Iam thinking of set up the new site in different area than backbaone. We will be having d...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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Is it possible to make route selection based on neighbors in eigrp on a broadcast network.Detailed Question:If i am learning same routes from different neighbours from same physical interface, Can in influence the route selection based on neighbors?s...

I knew the concept and configuration of NAT and my confusion is :for example : static (inside,outiside) netmask confusion is the 'netmask' in syntax because static NAT is a one 2 one solution that we can u...

Hi All,          We recently had an issue with a blower in our GSR with the voltage droping to -0.5.To this end it is believed that the sensor is broken and advised to do "test mbus soft-reset-agent <slot-no>”After the execution of this command the b...

Hello,We are going to explain our problem:we have a 2801 router.we have configured many access-list to allow some traffic to pass trough and interface and to redirect other traffic to another next-hope.The percentage of used memory is: 80% which is c...

Hi,We would need to configure VPLS on 6509 V E platform with 12.2.33 sxi4 IOS and with 6724 SFP line cards. MY backbone is mpls ready. Can I configure VPLS on this platform ? My requirement is point to Multipoint (a broadcast from hub location ) laye...

I want to configure Etherchannel between two switches for load balancing purposes and was curious on the differences between the 2900xl and the 2950.  It seems on the 2900xl you assign interfaces to a port group, but on the 2950 you assign to the por...

wgmcmahon by Beginner
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I am trying to access a Layer 3 switch via http://switchaddressI have put the following config on the switch and i am able to http to the switch ok but am not able to see any data once connected.ip http serverip http authentication localusername emer...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Dear All,How to Delete or Squeeze crash info in 1760 Router as after deleting the file and power recycling the router then also the crash info files are not getting erased.IOS Version is c1700-k9o3sy7-mz.122-11.T10.bin================================...

ranjit123 by Participant
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