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Dear Community,   I came across the following blog ( regarding GRE tunnels but had a question about it. The topology and config are attached. My question is this:   -How is it possible according to th...

I am trying to get an EHWIC-4ESG working in a 2901 and am having a couple issues. Everything I've read says that this card is compatible with this router. We've tried 2 of them now from the same source and both have acted the same. Please see below f...

Hi I have recently started working on a site, where there are 2 Hub sites connecting to many CPE's around the country over Layer 2 WAN links (WAN links accept only 1 Dot1Q tagged VLAN and both sides of the connecting devices have to be trunk, ISP is ...

Miguel10 by Beginner
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Resolved! UDP fragmentation

Hi , As we know UDP is a protocol, which doesn't have a MSS filed in the UDP header unlike in TCP header, where we have MSS field.  My questions is when it comes to fragmentation, how does UDP packets get fragmented provided that it does not have a M...

ranga2002 by Beginner
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Dear Team, Could you help me out to troubleshoot a scenario where I placed internet facing interface into the FVRF, the main aim is for all Site connection must pass the traffic through the default route which is configured in the FVRF.In the FVRF th...

smechira by Beginner
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I commonly see BGP configured on a provider (P/PE) router like this (this is a real router snippet just anonymised);   router bgp 12345neighbour remote-as 12345     ! iBGP peeraddress-family ipv4neighbour remote-as 12345     ! iBGP pe...

jwbensley by Beginner
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I have a strange problem that I’m struggling to get to the bottom of with my ISP and wondered if anyone could help. We have a site with an older Cisco 877 ADSL router which was working happily until a few weeks ago when the connection dropped suddenl...

mitchen by Explorer
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Hi AllQuick question, when we look at a typical ISP network that provides an MPLS network such as BT.If they use route refectors, where would they normally put them ? what is the best place in a large network?Also, if you run a BGP free core, such as...

RoHi,I am going through some CCNA stuff and I would do some excercises in packet tracer. My problem is that I cannot write special characters anywhere - for example when I would want to write | so I can filter the output I would press AltGr+W. Except...