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Problem with Static routes when using VRF-Lite

I have an issue with spokes on a DMVPN.   The spokes are setup using VRF-Lite to route traffic for the DMVPN out the local ISP while also routing traffic from the local LAN back across the DMVPN to a core router.   The problem i am having is that i c...

kbystrak1 by Beginner
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I'm studying the CCIE course now and came across this Feasible Distance. In the book it mentioned FD is the record of the lowest known distance since last transition from Active to Passive state. So, a series of changes in delay of the links causes C...


zigzag traffic in asr9006

hello ,  we have ASR9006 , and we used bundle-ether for 12 member interface i have many user's in the bundle-ether as subinterface and i have apply Qos for limitation bandwidth , and using PRTG for monitoring , our problem is , the traffic graph in P...


selecting Path over another OSPF

Hi Community I do have a question about OSPF If u look at the attachment you will find 2 loopbacks interface on Router R3 if I want to reach the Loopback0 and Loopback1 from R5 the path will be R5-R1-R3Is it possible to change the path only for one L...

IeSa50839 by Beginner
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Bridge domain and Vlan

Hello!I have Cisco 4331. Two SFP ports of this router connected to switches, (I need single brodcast domains in few vlans).Also I have hwic module with switchports, switchport connected to cisco ASA as trunk.I want to pass new VLAN from one switch to...

BSTUN Protocol for ISR4351

Hello everbody, I have a problem about bstun protocol on ISR 4351 router. I have read previous topics that they said it does not support in 2017. Maybe this issue changes , maybe ios updated by Cisco and it supports now? I saw a comment on Cisco page...

Resolved! Routing Issue

Hi Guys,  I am not able to communicate from PC1 to PC2 on a Routed network, Topology attached. PC1 is on VLAN21 and PC2 is on VLAN22 , both ports are configured as access ports and allowed VLAN 21 and 22  Could someone please check and update where i...

Visauk47 by Beginner
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Resolved! Port forwarding on RV325

Hello,  I have created quite a few port forwarding rules on our RV325 so that an external company can communicate with devices on our network.For example: From outside, communicating on port 5150 forwards to a printer on port 9100, or on port 5151 fo...

Resolved! EBGP Peering with Route Redistribution into EIGRP

 Hello, I am using CML in Dev Net and just wondering if anyone else experienced this issue or if I am doing something wrong. I am usingIOSv Routers and I am performing an eBGP peering from routers A-R1 to ISP. Then on ISP I am doing route redistribut...

HenryGee by Beginner
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Resolved! Parent and child policy maps with LLQ

I'm trying to configure LLQ with parent and child policies on my two 4221 routers and I'm having trouble in understanding how LLQ works with the different policies so I'm hoping someone could help me with answering a few questions. Pretty much I've g...

BVC by Beginner
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nbm flow-definition ingress interface

Is it possible to specify the ingress interface when creating a static flow with the "nbm flow-definition" CLI command?There are two interfaces on which the multicast traffic can come in. For some reason the "nbm flow-definition" command seems to aut...

Tom22 by Beginner
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