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I have a Problem lauching packet tracer from cisco, Group exam the course our lecturer just enrolled us in.CCNA1-THIRDYEARS-2024, it's saying initiating connection. just like that, nothing happens 

Hello,R1 is connected to R2 and uses BGP.R1 sends prefixes to R2 with community 100:100.On R2 I receive the prefix via BGP with the correct community : sh ip bgp => Community: 100:100Now I would like to send only prefixes with community...

Hello, I have below config in one of the switches in the network. I have an SVI in the device (interface vlan100) which has a /24 subnet. OSPF has network statement for bigger pool that is /16. Since config has area range command it is generating a *...

Hello,  I was looking for a command on the ASR-920 that would show the type of interfaces that are connected to a port. In the Catalyst switches, I could use this command "show inventory" or  "show interface status". What is the command I can use to ...

ZK916 by Level 1
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Hi @All Topology as follow,R1 f0/0 - connected to tap0 and R1 f1/0 connected to R2 f1/0 and R1 f2/0 connected to L3 f1/0R2 f0/0 - connected to tap1 and R2 f1/0 Cconnected to f1/1 of L3 and R2 f2/0 connected to R4 f1/0R4 f0/0 - connected to tap2L3 swi...

ashz14387 by Level 1
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Question in Book: The following ACE is typed into configuration mode on a router: access-list 1 permit10.44.38.0 If this statement had instead used a different mask, with nothing elsechanged, which of the following choices for mask would r...

hfakoor222 by Spotlight
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Hi Everyone,We are currently planning to have private connection to Azure Cloud for onprem migration to Cloud as one of our assessment we need to include a Cisco Router that can accommodate at least 200 or 300+ servers. I would like to know if you ha...

Hi guys,I'm really scratching my head with this one, i'll preface to say im new to packet tracerCurrently preparing for my exams and cant seem to get 4 routers to communicate in a network via ripv2, ive previously managed 3 but can't solve getting 4 ...

TomWit123 by Level 1
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