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Hi, In 7609 router i am using WS-X6724-SFP in that we connected 100mbps link through GLC-T copper SFP.But link is not coming up.But if i connected through switch and to router its coming up.Please help me out to resolve the issue.

chandru.j by Beginner
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I am working in company and they want to implement below thing, need ur help?in our branch there is one router and one unmanagable D link switch..OK...Router is connected to switch and switch is connected to Pc. and PC's default gateway is routers in...

Hi Guys,Would you please help with this logs:Aug 20 11:49:02.242: NTP Core (NOTICE): ntp_receive: dropping message: unsynch.Aug 20 11:49:19.170: NTP Core (NOTICE): ntp_receive: dropping message: unsynch.The device is a NTP master for the network. Is ...

astefanova by Beginner
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All,   It's my understanding that priority of 0 keeps the router from becoming eligible to be elected as a DR/BDR, and the default is priority of 1.   What is the neighbor priority statement used for? Does is override what the neighbor is announcing ...

Resolved! ospf question

Hi all, I have a little bit of a problem understanding the output of some ospf show commands and I was wondering if someone here can help me. Basically I don't understand why the loopback int is showing up on the output command. (see attached config...

can anybody provide me ISDN Config for backup serial interface.(complete config)Mumbai(PRI)--------Branch(BRI)This is basic question but help is apreciable....

i know Route reflector only reflect one single best path to it's clients, is there any method to make route reflector to reflect multiple equal best path to it's client? such as from EBGP.thank you!tom

flyjunli by Beginner
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Resolved! bgp guru

I am trying to impact the incoming traffic on a particular subnet. I have two connections to the same ISP same AS at different locations and another connction to a separate ISP. I use filter list to control the advertised routes and all is well but ...

whanson by Explorer
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Hello,My 2801 router is not booting beyond this point, below is the output.I tried to control break but it not working. I need to restore the IOS, how do I go about this.Can someone please help, thanks.Cisco IOS Software, 2801 Software (C2801-SPSERVI...

sameoj1881 by Beginner
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Hi,I've a question regarding SSH on my router. Right now I have things set up to do pass-through to a server I have on the inside of my network. However, I'd also like to be able to SSH to the router itself but it seems like after setting up pass-thr...

jwynacht by Beginner
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