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Dear Friends,This is about MPLS PE-CE OSPF as connected belowCE1----------------PE1------P-----PE2--------------CE2  |                                                              |area 1                                                     area 2I ha...

Hi, I have one Layer3 switch name as SW-SUP having vlans- IT, MKT, FNC & OPS. It has layer 2 connectivity with L2 switch A & B. All are in VTP Transparent mode. I have configured Vlan 999 on all switches for default gateway connectivity.On Switch - A...

Resolved! IOS filesystem

Hello all,I am somewhat new to configuring Cisco products, in fact I am still preparing to take the CCNA exam, so forgive me for my ignorance in this question, but I am unable to find and answer.  I recently purchased a 1760 and 1760-v router running...

Jeff by Level 1
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Resolved! HTTPS

Dear All,Can somebody tell me https uses which port no.? (like http uses 80)regds,Aman

amansoi_5 by Level 1
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We are using BGP for only the default route in our multi homed enviroment.  We have EBGP peers established from the 2 sites to our wan routers.  Everything works fine except for the fact that we have peers that are spoked off of other peers.  The far...

joeharb by Level 5
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I'm a semi-novice at Cisco networking and I have a problem figuring this Cisco configuration out. Basically we have 5 locations with our main location housing our servers and internet line. We just purchased a Barracuda unit to handle content filteri...

Dear All,I would like to ask all of you some question that i would like to use voip from HQ to my branch.The connection from HQ to branch i used VPN site to site and the connection is working but i don't knowwhich equipment  that i can use Voip from ...

Hello all,Just a quick question relating to 3845 routers.  I could swear at one point I found a datasheet that stated one 3845 will support two full-rate DS3 connections, but I can't seem to find the datasheet anymore. I'm just trying to make sure th...

Jkloza_2 by Level 1
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Hi,I'm looking to setup an environment to host some web content. The environment will be made up of 2 web servers and a backend SQL server. I have a Cisco ASA 5510 and a 24-port 2960 switch. The SQL servers will sit on the Inside interface and the We...

WelcomEIB by Level 1
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Dear Netpros,My Question is related about OSPF router ID.We were trying a scenerio on OSPF. We have configured OSPF on router without loopback interface. By default OSPF was taking router's highest IP address as router ID. Then we have configured a l... by Level 1
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