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Unable to Ping another network via router

I was trying to create 2 networks (with N/w IDs -> and, followed by joining these two via a router in cisco packet tracer. Now, I have assigned ips 192.168.x.i (x = 1,2 ; i = 1,2,3 i.e. 2 networks with 3 devices each). I even...

Resolved! EIGRP Redistribution Question

Hy Guys, i have a problem with Redistribution in EIGRP, this is Topology: R1 has attached the subnet 192.168.100/24,192.168.10/24, 192.168.20/24 and has attached the subnet 192.168.200/24,192.168.50/24, and and R2 are in ...



Hi i got some misunderstanding about If a network (BMA) contains 5 routers and of course this network has DR/BDR and new router (A) comes in In this case if router A wants to be neighbor with other routers after he is gonna send hello message on 224....

Adam373 by Beginner
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Copy config file to a new router

I am trying to copy a config file from one router to another.I have the original config in a text file but when I copy it to the other router around half of the lines show up as an error and can't be read. The configuration file is fine because the o...

jhalket by Beginner
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Two gateway's of last resorts

I have two circuits that I run EIGRP, the metrics perfer the bigger circuit and when it fails it uses the 2nd circuit.   The issue is the gateway of last resort.   I have two static ip route X.X.X.X  and have one with a metric.   We h...

Resolved! Can't ping Switch from PC (using VLANS)

Hello, I'm using Cisco Packet Tracer and trying to configure VLANs and routing between them. Here are two tables, which I have used for configuring:DeviceInterfaceIP addressSubnet maskDefault gatewayR1G0/1.1192.168.1.1255.255.255.0- G0/1.10192.168.10...

Gugolsan by Beginner
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Resolved! set ip next-hop Issue

Hello , I am studying CCNP book and question and I found a question as below An engineer is creating a policy that overrides normal routing behavior. If the route to a destination of is withdrawn from the routing table, the policy mus...

Cisco key pair import failed on ISR 1000

I'm trying to import a third-party SSL certificate and its private key for use with VPN and HTTPS on a ISR 1100 router. I've created trust points for the CA and intermediates. I think I've got everything nearly ready. However, one thing is really blo...

Mark30 by Beginner
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Resolved! No Prefix recieved in eBGP

Hi, I had one ebgp running. All on a sudden I see no prefix received. But opposite side of bgp is receiving routes.  I control the received routes using a simple prefix list. Prefix name was changed and apparently after that seeing no bgp prefix rece...

MSJ1 by Beginner
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