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DSL and Cable Connections

I'm using a Static IP DSL line for my WAN Connection. I have a Cable Modem (Dynamic) available. I'd like to use the DSL line for the inbound traffic - e-mail, ftp, web server and the Cable Modem for all the other traffic. I'm using a pic 501 for t...

QoS issue

Hi, First of all I want to tell you the network topology --- ISP link terminates on the 2821 router, router is connected to the asa 5510, asa in connected to the IDS-4215, IDS is connected to the cisco 3750 core switch, core switch is connected to th...

VPN going to hung mode

Hi All,I have a Cisco VPN Concentrator and we have S2S VPN to a customer. The tunnel has come up. But after every one hour the we will be not able to access the client servers.And once we reset the tunnel in Concentrator the traffic starts flowing an...

Routing between 3 Routers

Sir,We have 3 routers,One is at My location(Hyderabad) ,other at Mumbai(Remote),one more at client place name is CDSL.1. Hyderabad to Mumabai is connected via 2 Mbps Serial cable ,Ip addresses are 192.168.2.X -My End 192.168.2.X -Mumbai End2....

Network Sniffer urgent help

guys the satiuation is that i have been told to put network sniffer on router ethernet and capture all the traffic....all i wnat to know is how we will do i have to configure something on the router and what tool i can use.....can someone pl...

HWIC-1FE as trunk

I am not able to configure HWIC-1FE as a trunk port.However the switchport command is not available in its interface configuration mode.any suggestions?

sumesh_un by Beginner
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Load Balancing across 2801

We have a 2801 with two ISP connections. NAT is configured and all seems to work well, but we have noticed on occassion that if inbound traffic is coming in on one link (to Fa0/0 for example), the return traffic is being sent out the other link (Fa0/...

swakelen by Beginner
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BGP adv. prefix with specific metric

I have the route in OSPF normally with a cost of 1050. If a certain node in the network goes down, the cost increased to 2100. I only want to advertise the network out of BGP if the cost/metric in OSPF is 1050. I tried setting up a route...

DMZ in ASA configuration.

hi, i have placed my FTP server in DMZ , with its public ip address xx.xx.xx.9, i want my inside clients and outside clients access with the same ip address.My configuration is as follow.static (DMZ,outside) xx.xx.xx.9 netmask

VPN on vlan

Dear All expert,I need you to advice me on VPN on vlan.....Please see in the attach file.let me tell you on my diagram i would like to do that all the branch use VPN and connect to HQ( and the HQ had core switch 3560 and Cisco Router 1841)..i mean on...

join_sn09 by Beginner
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Unstable LAN

In a Router-Switch-2 PC setup, we get packet drops in reaching the Switch, 2 pcs from outside Network (WAN). How ever the connectivity from LAN<->Router is stable which means there are no issues between the switch and to go about now?

aksher by Beginner
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Eigrp & BGP redistribution

Hi there, I am running both protocols on the router. All my traffic outbound has to be natted to network.This is what the peer want to see me coming. I have a distrubite list out to the peer and need to send this route across to a bgp pee...

msultan by Beginner
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Dear Experts,1. Every router is configured to be a part of any network, that is, a group of profiles are created in the router and router assumes the configuration depending on the network properties.2. Every group/ profile shall contain a set of DHC...

Configure 2821 router for redundancy

Can someone suggest the best redundancy options for this router. Customer mentioned they need gig-E port with AS number configured..sorry for if this seems like a dump queston, but its OJT.Thanks.

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