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Dear team,We have a problem with the high processing issue of the router. This router also performs multicasting .So we need a quick fix for this problem. Please provide some solution or advice for this problem. We have attached a screenshots with th...

ss2.jpg ss1.jpg
mmendis by Level 1
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Hello, I’m working with a 5-office WAN and all sites are using BGP to exchange routing information. At the Main site and the DR site, I have firewalls that don’t run BGP so I’m using OSPF on those. The firewalls are configured so that when the Intern...

dano2112 by Level 1
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I have cisco IR829 Cellular router at one of my locations. What I would like to set up is the following Primary Route is to our Data Center over fiber connection from the MDF.Backup route is to the IR 829 into or cellular network.  I have a statement...

HI guys, i have a question regarding QinQ. a customer wants to get to the internet via ISP requiring qinq config. can the customer and ISP have the same vlans configured ie inner and outer are the same. ? my mind is thinking it wont matter as outer w...

hi,i'm trying to monitor an IPSec VPN tunnel for latency, jitter and packet loss.udp-jitter using g729a codec doesn't seem to work and i don't see the option for 'icmp-jitter' in an ASR1K. is this the same as 'path-jitter' option?also what's the diff...

Resolved! Keychain - OSPF

Hi all, hope to find everyone well I was told that we could use keychains in OSPF where the routing protocol would automatically change the key from time to time and all the switches / routers (in my case 7 Catalyst Switches) would automatically upda...

We have a ASR920-12SZ-IM that was running IOSXE 15.6.2 perfectly fine.  Upgraded unit to 16.5 and it upgraded the FPGA automatically.  Then it rebooted, then we noticed that after it reboots, it keeps stating that FPGA needs to be upgraded and goes i...

PK99 by Level 1
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Resolved! SRTE

I configured the Policy to choose the path followed by traffic between and but there is a problem  

qst 1.png qst.png qst3.png
username11 by Level 1
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Resolved! RPKI on NX-OS

Hello !  Is there a way to configure BGP RPKI (like on NX-OS ?  We have Nexus 9396 PX and N9K FX. Thanks!