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Dual ISP connections and BGP

I have 1 router with 3 ethernets.  2 of interfaces are ISP connections and I would prefer to 1 over the other.  I added the weight command to neighbor statement.  It took a while but it did start to prefer that.  I want to make sure this is all I nee...

Policy Routing failure (order of operation?)

 Hi, This question is relating the order of operation in Cisco IOS-XE for an ingress packet.I am currently troubleshooting an issue where a Host1 with IP is trying to ping a remote Host2 and the router in question R1 is the tr...

Jay47110 by Beginner
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Resolved! problem activate VM in ISR 4321 cisco

Hello I have ISR 4321  and i nstall fedora.ova  and i put this configuration : Router(config)#virtual-serviceRouter(config-virt-serv-global)#virtual-service fedoraRouter(config-virt-serv)#acRouter(config-virt-serv)#activate% Virtual service ubuntu in...

Resolved! GRE Tunnel reliability - Web of lies!

Community, I've read through about 10 posts talking about GRE and packet loss, everyone talks about MTU/MSS.  Nothing I've seen/understood nothing to address the underlying packet loss and how to get the tunnel to reflect that.  Can one of you router...

corycandia by Beginner
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Monitoring 4000 cisco routers

We are using Cisco routers model 4000Our application has to monitor the communication periodically in order to evaluate the next hop from current station to another station and which interface is used for.Practically, query of changes on routing tabl...

Resolved! RAM and flash memory type ISR 4321 cisco

Hello i have a router ISR 4321 CISCO have 4 GB RAM AND 4 GB Flash  and i want to add other DRAM and memory Flash !! 1- how i can know kind of RAM that i can add to ISR 4321 cisco  and kind of memory Flash in router !! what's command or how i can type...

Resolved! Event Manager Applet

Community, Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong with event manager and getting an applet to run ever 5 minutes? event manager applet TUNNELBANDevent timer watchdog time 300event none maxrun 120action 010 cli command "enable"action 020 cli command ...

Resolved! How to join two subnets into one network?

I have one router configured with two gateways and, I need to combine these to form one network and then apply static routing to the new network(network 3). Finally I must configure NAT so that there is communication between a...

ccrank by Beginner
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IR809 Led Status

I have a Cisco 809 Industrial Integrated Services Routers (IR809) that has been working since 2017 without issue and suddenly stopped last week. The LED status is as follow:SYS: steady green - Router is reachable, and all interfaces are up and functi...

EMonnerie by Beginner
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Resolved! many senders ( CCTV camera) with one receiver ( server accept only multicast traffic )senario

Dears  kindly, i have scenario contain 40 sites using ISR 4K with hub HQ using cisco ASR1001-X  &40 sites each one contain cisco ISR4321/K9 , 1.spoke site contain one subnet related with CCTV camera 2.hub site ( HQ ) contain 4 server receive multicas...

saif by Beginner
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Nexus 9K and ACL to Deny multicast

Hi all,  I want use ACL on nexus C93180YC-FX to permit traffic just from specific (S,G) pair. I have a routed port configured, but seems that ACL doesn't block mcast. I did an "extreme" test and I use this ACL:  IP access list LEAF_03_port_110 deny u...

Map23 by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF with stackwise-virtual platform (C9500)

hi all, Looking at OSPF as a IGP protocol on a campus/enterprise network, should it be a given that you use a L3 core, instead of a core setup with stackwise-virtual? This will give you the opportunity to make each core DR/BDR. If you would run OSPF ...

GVD by Beginner
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