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We have a ASR920-12SZ-IM that was running IOSXE 15.6.2 perfectly fine.  Upgraded unit to 16.5 and it upgraded the FPGA automatically.  Then it rebooted, then we noticed that after it reboots, it keeps stating that FPGA needs to be upgraded and goes i...

PK99 by Level 1
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Resolved! SRTE

I configured the Policy to choose the path followed by traffic between and but there is a problem  

qst 1.png qst.png qst3.png
username11 by Level 1
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Resolved! RPKI on NX-OS

Hello !  Is there a way to configure BGP RPKI (like on NX-OS ?  We have Nexus 9396 PX and N9K FX. Thanks!

Resolved! Static Route

% overlaps with FastEthernet0/0Routing, Other Routers . Does it work any lab? I am so confused this lab. I do not know how to ping all router, and the end d...

Hello all,   I am trying to wrap my head around default routing. Can anybody explain to me why these L3 switches cannot ping each other.   I have two L3 Switches acting as a routing device.   Switch 1 config:    ip routingip route 20....

Tom101 by Level 1
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Hi everyone, In my setup, I have a cisco ISR1000 router servicing a small LAN (DHCP and static IPs for a few servers, private address range) and connecting it to the WAN using NAT. There is a dedicated (transparent) firewall filtering all network tra...

an_ho by Level 1
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Resolved! ISR4400 ROMMON

So I don't know if its just me but I can't seem to get to ROMMON on my 4400 Series ISR 4451. I have literally tried everything cycling power ctr+break, power cycle ctrl+shift+6, power cycle baud rate 1200 and space bar for 10-15 sec. I'm not sure if ...

Got a pair of Palo Alto in HA active/passive mode. Need to configure BDI on the Cisco 4431 so as to team up two gigaethernet interface with a virtual IP address and maintain connectivity when active palo alto fail and it failover to the passive devic...

Buenos días amigos, Una consulta sobre las listas de acceso estándar(o extendida). Por qué no realiza su función regular cuando las IPs de origen se generan localmente(están dentro o pertenecen al enrutador) y este va de salida por una interface(out)...

alexis41 by Level 1
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