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Resolved! Cisco 1900 Series

I have a cisco 1900 series router and I was not able to login using web interface. I used the administrator password which I normally use when using telnet or sshWhen I enter the user name and password it loads then goes back to the login pop up. Ple...

I successfully got a config to work on CenturyLink on a DSL circuit.  But using that same config at a new location on a new (although same speed) circuit the EHWIC card doesn't seem to be working. I swapped the card with a known good one so that isn'...

guitar007 by Beginner
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Dear all, I have a cisco ISR4321/K9 router. configured bgp with ISP.Thing is, not getting more than 50 Mbps from LAN interface. BW taken from ISP is 70 Mbps.Can anyone please help to understand the reason. and how to solve the issue. sh ver output is...

Hi there is subnet at a switch. I want to know how many devices in this subnet. In addition to third party app, is there some cisco command that can be used at the switch to show how many devices in this subnet? Thanks

Leftz by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Tunnel Subblock

Hello, I have problem with tunnel routing. The issue that I am pinging tunnel IPs but cant ping to Loopback IP from Site A to Site B. It is working one way. I check my routing table but network does not seem there.In Site B's router shows tunnel subb...

Hi guys, I am seeing this error below once in a while on my ISR4451 router. Anyone know what is the cause. Tried to google but could not find much info.Thanks. Oct 9 00:08:36.988 EDT: %IOSXE-3-PLATFORM:kernel: usb 1-1-port1: over-current condition O...

Jagan1976 by Beginner
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Hi, it is my first time configuring a Nexus switch, and the first time I ran across terms such as VRF.I did some digging and I understood the concept.I need to configure a nexus switch (3048) and don't need to use VRFs.When I add static routes with t...

NickOz by Beginner
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Hello,I would like your opinion on the BGP configuration of two full-views from the same operator. R1 has a full BGP session with AS174R2 has a full BGP session with AS174R3 has a full BGP session with AS6939All routers (R1 + R2 + R3 + R4) are full-m...

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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Hi folks,I have a use case to redistribute EIGRP learnt external routes into eBGP on N9k running ver 9.3.xI used a route-map for this, but nothing was learnt on the eBGP neighbor. When advertising the same eigrp learnt subnet via the Network command ...

Can someone help me understand this better., I'm clearly missing something. Why is the default MSS (536) so much smaller than the default MTU (1500)? I would expect them to have a difference of the 40 bytes to account for IP and TCP headers? What am ...

mlafflin by Beginner
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Hi All, we turned up a new 40g link on an ASR 907 (which has been in place previously on a 903)  the OSPF and the interface came up with no issue, however once it was moved to use this path, the connections which were past this link on the OSPF links...