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What is this config doing on 1841 router?

I'm trying to work out what this config is achieving, this is a config from an 1841 that links to a LAN (LAN port) and a 1811 router (outside port) on a remote network.Why is there a NAT that starts and ends on the same range?interface FastEthernet0/...

whiteford by Beginner
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GLBP with pix

sw---pix---Sw------R1--------ISP1 ---pix--sw-------R2--------ISP2i want to make load sharing between the two routers .is GLBP is a suitable solution with pix and if it can how can i configure it (which virtual ip gateway that will be assigned by p...

2621XM nm-HDV2 and BGP Problem

I am in the process of changing out network over to MPLS. The IP Voice software I am running does not support BGP. I Cannot seem to find an IOS that will support BGP and the nm-HDV2 Card. Everything I have tried on the BGP Side stops the router from ...

m-spencer by Beginner
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EIGRP Routing Implementation

Hello everyone,I have the following case:Branch Router (R1) connected to Central Router (R2) via the following links:1. DLL ? 128 Kbps (L1)2. MPLS Tunnel ? 128 Kbps (L2)I have implemented EIGRP with the following policy:a. L1 ? primary link (delay 10...

Resolved! redistributing different AS

dear all,i have this nice discussion which is not really solved yet.between 2 routers : can we redistribute 2 different EIGRP AS? said RA EIGRP 100, RB EIGRP 101?some folks showed me docs from cisco - which is we have to use 3 routers with on on the ...

intelide3 by Beginner
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VPN and Routing

Hi,I have a basic question about how IP works on an end host.The scenario is that a given host has a web connection and a vpn connection through the web to a VPN server at the workplace.My question is how does IP differentiate between a public web de...

Resolved! ACL telnet

I have an end-router which is connected with a network which i don't control it. I want to secure the telnet access from that network to the rest of my network so i creat an extended ACL :access-list 101 deny tcp any any eq telnetaccess-list 101 perm...

reboat on rommon mod

hi Experts,each time i restart my 2811 router it's drive me to the rommon mod and i have to select boot from flash i intered boot system command and it's shown as followed!boot-start-markerboot system flash:c2800nm-ipbase-mz.124-11.T.binboot-end-mark...

dot1q trunk with a service provider

Hi,We have 100mbps trunk link between two of our data centers through a local service provider. We have configured the switch port on both the ends with a dot1q trunk, but VTP information is not being shared. When I run "sh cdp neigh" the switches do...

Resolved! Ques about interface Bandwidth

Hi Experts,I have always had this ques in my mind and wanted to clarify...When we do a show interface on a router for a V.35 serial interface, the interface bandwidth shows as 1544 it because these routers are manufactured in the US and are...

network_a by Beginner
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871W and dual ISP configuration

I have a 871W connecting to a cable modem getting public address information via DHCP, I have added a DSL connection using a Westell router/modem connecting to one of the switchports on the 871W. What is the best way to configure automatic failover f...

rgaudet by Beginner
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