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Which router model can do ip aliasing?

Hello from Spain,We need an ADSL router that can do "IP Aliasing" and we are looking for a Cisco product that can do this. The requeriments are: internal LAN with 2 different segments with 2 different ip addressing but only one router. Any other idea...

trokoloms by Beginner
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Resolved! VTP domain mis-match

Hi, Can anubody help to troubleshoot VTP domain Mis-match. I am getting the follwoing message in my switch.switch(enable) sh trunk 2/2* - indicates vtp domain mismatchPort Mode Encapsulation Status Native vlan-------- ----------...

Policy Route Map

Hi,Anyone knows what is the policy route map below means..I am confused..Thanks in advanced!----------------------------------------interface FastEthernet0/0.1 encapsulation dot1Q 1 native ip address 122.1.x.x.255.255.0 no ip redirects ip accounting ...

ahpark78 by Beginner
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Snmp Test

Hi,I need to generate some trap from router 2811 to snmp server. There's the same CatOS command test snmp trap on IOS?For exaple I need to generate trap for all environment mib like a fun stop ecc.Thanks

g.pacini by Beginner
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Resolved! ospf problem? help

problem:1、show ip ospf data //have a、show ip route //have not a、show ip route //other route is good.4、 is static route redistribution to ospf.please help!!!

wilsonyong by Beginner
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load balancing

i have cisco 1811 router and two ISP links (DSL 1Mb, 512Kbps). i want to load balance between these two, if one goes down load shifts to secondary link, any idea to do thisthanks,

ammadshah by Beginner
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vpn act as backup

Dear Sir,we have a iplc form hk to tw. the internet links are up in both sides. We would like to build the vpn from hp to tw. this vpn is act as "backup" link. when the iplc down. It goes to vpn connection (via internet).could yu give me the sample c...

leungcm by Beginner
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Router 837 - config modified save? yes/no

I have just transferred a new IOS image file to a Cisco 837 router and had to erase the one that was already there due to space and it's saying "system configuration has been modified. save yes/no" I want to reboot the router (reload).Yes or no?

whiteford by Beginner
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2620 high cpu

Hi gang,Ive been having issues with high cpu usage on 2620 routers. my highest user of cpu is the IP input process according to: sh proc cpu | exclude 0.00%__0.00%__0.00%. However, at the time when the cpu spikes over 80% the packets per second dro...

adarst by Beginner
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about pppoe password

if i was using CLI to do:ppp chap password <password>how can i use something i can recognize, and still encrypt it? if i do a "ppp chap password 0 pw", then my password "pw" is open to viewing, but if i do "ppp chat password 5 pw", "pw" wouldn't be ...

Problems when configuring E1 controller

I have a 3640 router. I also have a VWIC-MFT-E1 card and Im trying to setup a ppp connection to a branch office. I have configure the E1 controller and assigned an ip address of to serial interface "serial 0/2:0" but Im not able to p...