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3rd Routing for the route to go..

Hi, Just wanna confirm here..Lets say if i have a Serial and Backup ISDN with route of Dialer 1 10Can I add another route of 100 As my objective is to p...

ahpark78 by Beginner
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NAT Pool?

Hello,Here is my situation...I have around 20 or so workstations on the /24 network. These workstations use DHCP. These workstations need to communicate with another network, and they need to have NATTED IP addresses. The NATTED IP address...

kronikd22 by Beginner
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Network Time on Cisco 801 ISDN Router

I have a number of 801 ISDN routers on my network. If I lose power to these devices the internal clock time is reset to default when the device reboots. This causes a problem with my users because we have configured a time range for when the router c...

tpaprotny by Beginner
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Resolved! Cat5500 backplane capacity

Hi guys anyone can recall Cat5513 backplane captacity ? whats the forwarding bandwidth? if you have any old spec doc, appreciate if you can fwd to me.

alexhang by Beginner
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debug codes

I need a link or reference guide to understand the debug codes for ISDN and PPP? e.g. User TX -> RR sapi=0 tei=76 nr=108 or INFO sapi=0 tei=76, ns=71 nr=107 or CCBRI_Go: NO CCB Src->HOST call id 0x8075, Is there a book or something on debug codes? Th...

ISDN issue

Debug on City A router: Bearer Capability i = 0x8890 Standard = CCITT Transer Capability = Unrestricted Digital Transfer Mode = Circuit Transfer Rate = 64 kbit/s Channel I...

trinawong by Beginner
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EIGRP and distribute-list

Hi all I seem to have a small issue with distributing into EIGRP.I have a 3550 switch running c3550-ipservices-mz.122-25.SEE.bin so I can run EIGRP on it - I have the following config (edited to leave only relevent parts)router eigrp 64 redistribute ...

Cisco 878 dsl controller configuration

HiI have a SDSL G.DMT service with Zen.We have purchased an 878 and put a basic config on it.It refuses to show even a CD led when connected up to the copper wire.Has anyone got a sample config for the controller which shows all the lines needed to g...

steve by Beginner
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QOS on Sub-interfaces & PPP Multilink Interfaces

I am setting up QoS for VoIP on several routers. I have two questions:1) For PPP multilink interfaces, do I apply the service-policy on the multilink interface or on each of the serial interfaces that are a member of that ppp multilink group?2) For ...

alwhitlow by Beginner
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Frame Relay configuration

I've a cisco 7206 Router on which 2 FR configured as:Serial1/0 up Serial1/0.300 -- Serial1/1 -- Now, I am having one more FR and after few days MPLS connectivity between India n US.I've one subne...