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Multiple GLBP for 1 FastEthernet Interface

Good Day Experts!I would like to ask some help regarding GLBP configuration.I have two 3745 routers, one as primary and the other is redundant. Both are configured to have 3 E1 links from 3 different telcos. E1 links in the redundant router, well of ...

emescuyos by Beginner
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cant stop reciving traffic

hi guys,I am a very huge problemI have a 3750 switch,one its port is connected to a zone for internet port is connected to router for access to routerone port is connected to DVB for reciving internetwith class-map I have limited their rec...

emadehsan by Beginner
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prefix-list on bgp peer

I want to advertise on eigrp redistribution the /8I use the configuration :!router bgpneighbor PeerR1 prefix-list from-R1 in!ip prefix-list from-R1 seq 10 permit!in first state all works.but if I "shut/no shut" the interface whi...

New to Cisco Technology

I am a new to Cisco products , I have good background of network essentials but i want to learn Cisco Technology , i nwant someone to help me how i can start and the way to learn to become Cisci engineer

sniff packets

Hello dear all,I have some unwanted traffic on my switch can I findout IP addresses of the generator of these trafics?thanks

emadehsan by Beginner
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SOHO 97 Router

I have a Cisco SOHO 97 ADSL Router,Everything is OK, but some how I can't use the MSN Messenger, Even I disable the Firewall, But I can't SIGN IN, At the same time i can use YAHOO and other IM like SkypeAy suggestaion

router ignoring static route, route table

I have attached a config, partial route table and a traceroute of a router that seems to be ignoring its routing table. You can see that I have a static route to the network via When I run a traceroute the router se...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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OSPF metric overwrite

I have an OSPF area that traverses an MPLS. In the routing table on a router at one end routes are being advertised as 110/107. I need to be able to force this to be a specific metric, e.g. 10 because I need to load balance it with another link. Is t...

Resolved! redundacy

Hi Does anybody know how to configure router to have 2 uplinks in order to have redundancy? I can't configure HSRP because router rejects two interfaces to have IP address from the same subnet. I need to have one interface active and second standby (...

snmp trap on an isdn pri interface

hi,i have an isdn pri interface, which should NOT generate any trap if it goes up or down - this is the config:interface Serial3/0:15 no ip address encapsulation ppp load-interval 30 timeout absolute 600 0 dialer pool-member 215 no snmp trap link-sta...

rabeder by Beginner
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