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Upgrading I/O Controller on 7200VXR to NPE-G1

I have a problem at the minute whereby I inserted NPE-G1 into 7204VXR Chassis with 7200-I-O-2FE-E. It seems we only have 16MB of bootflash: on NPE-G1 with 6.5Mb approx. taken up with boot image.There are two PC Cards on the IO Controller with images ...

WCCP or Route-map

Hello Guyz, Let me explain the scnerio, we have two squid cache servers entertaining almost around 300 Dialup users via WCCP along with Cisco 2621 Router.I was planning a new design a head, i need your sujjestion is WCCP better or Route-map. which c...

CFG of CIP disappear after change IOS.

Hi, folks! We have 7507 with two RSP16 and two CIPs.After I change IOS of our 7507, from (RSP-JSV-M) Version 12.1(13)E1 to 123(11)T3, with sh run, we looked that our CIPs disappeared. The cfg of CIPs are in startup-config.After the change of IOS and ...

SLB with NAT plus NAT?

Hi,we have IOS SLB configured on 12.3(5b)ip slb serverfarm WWWFARM1 **nat server** real weight 1 faildetect numconns 255 numclients 8 retry 20 inservice real weight 1 faildetect numconns 255 numclients 8 retry 20 i...

Routing with PIX506E

Hi there!I'm new in Cisco, so if it is something stupid...I have pix506E with inside interface on company has a few subnets. The pix it is not used for routing by the hosts inside company, for this i have a windows RRAS. The pix it is ...

Configuring ADSL on 2811 with wic-1adsl

i´m trying to configure the abovementioned router with an adsl access. we have a fixed ip add from our isp operator with a mask of /32. the router does not allow this mask and our operator cannot/will not change the mask unless we ask for another ma...

fcatalao by Beginner
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ISDN Configuration

Dear all, I would appreciate if any one could help me in configuring ISDN. We are trying to configure ISDN for one our clients. They have PRI at both the ends and they also have frame relay link between two routers. The idea is they have many subi...


Hi guys, I have an issue which is sitting on my head from last few days. My 60 sites are connected to HQ thru MPLS network and i need to provide backup to site 1 using BRI (as shown in the attachment). Whenever my serial line goes down BRI comes up....

i_mathias by Beginner
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Anybody knows this log messages? What does it mean?Apr 12 15:23:32.641 PHT: %TFIB-2-NULLADJ: ----------------TAGREWRITE------------------------------------------------------Apr 12 15:23:32.641 PHT: %TFIB-2-NULLADJ: intag 0x4D, outtag 0x1000003, pop 0...

mpabilona by Beginner
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EIGRP split-horizon on NBMA interfaces

Hi all..Pls correct me if I'm wrong but this is how I believe EIGRP split-horizon/poison reverse works:- when a router determines a feasible successor for a route, by default, it will send a poisoned updated out of the interface to the feasible succe...

pkhatri by Advisor
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2612 Router

Does anyone know if I can config dot1q on an Ethernet port on the above router. I'm trying to set up a couple of VLAN's for testing on an old router we have. I've tried several times only to no avail I keep getting this errorConfiguring IP routing on...

rmurdoch by Beginner
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