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BGP issue:next-hop-unchanged

Hi,I have trouble for understand the concept of bgp feature: next-hop-unchanged. Could somebody give an advice or explanation to me? Even if somebody have the related link in cisco web, please show that to me. Thanks a lot.Sincerely

shan-cao by Beginner
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Configuration Register

Hi,Can anybody tell me what does the values of config register means.0x00000x - means the one following this is a hexa decimal.0 - represents what?0 - represents what?0 - represents what?0 - represents what?An early response is really Appreciatable.R...

icmperr during NAT

Hi,I am trying to understand that under what conditions you can see this output## show ip nat translationsPro Inside global Inside local Outside local Outside globalicmperr x.x.x.x y.y.y.y --- ---Where x.x.x.x is the address of the ou...

mnlatif by Participant
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T3 config with multiple T1s

we are getting a DS3 without BGP for Internet to a clear channel T3 card in a 3845, with 1 GE to our LAN, 2 dual MFT1 cards to connect to 4 partner sites.the ISP config info refers to c-bit parity (as in clear channel on ATM ?), but ATM scrambling an...

Resolved! Rip not replicating between routers...

I have router (a) which replicates the following subnets: is subnetted, 106 subnetsD [90/1764352] via, 4w2d, Serial1/0.39R [120/2] via, 00:00:05, FastEthernet0/0R 17...

asmith by Beginner
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HSRP in different Vlans

Dear All,I have this network scenario in my Lan:In the rack1 there are two cisco 3750-48TS connected among them via stack-wise cable than via the giga port the stack master is connected to the stack master of another stack composed by two 3750-48TS i...

ifabrizio by Beginner
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Resolved! Load Balancing on EIGRP

Hello, I have 2 main offices and several branches. Plz take a look network diagram in the attachment file. The Internet connection come through the HQ to Telco and Telco continue providing to others branches at the provices. The questio...

sakdavin by Beginner
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CPU spikes due to edonkey application

I have a 2610 rouer running 12.2.11T code. One ethernet port (e 0/0, x.x.x.x) is connected to a cable modem, which in turn goes to the ISP. One of the users on the network (of interface e 1/1) is using a program called "e-donkey (e-mule). When i...