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EIGRP split-horizon on NBMA interfaces

Hi all..Pls correct me if I'm wrong but this is how I believe EIGRP split-horizon/poison reverse works:- when a router determines a feasible successor for a route, by default, it will send a poisoned updated out of the interface to the feasible succe...

pkhatri by Advisor
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2612 Router

Does anyone know if I can config dot1q on an Ethernet port on the above router. I'm trying to set up a couple of VLAN's for testing on an old router we have. I've tried several times only to no avail I keep getting this errorConfiguring IP routing on...

rmurdoch by Beginner
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LOCAL SPAN/RSPAN Source limitation of 2

It looks like SUP1A is very close to EOL and from what I gather, so is HYBRID CATOS. So, there are plans to go to SUPII and CAT Native IOS. We have setup some local spans on our 6500s for 3 different sources in HYBRID mode. We are going to go back to...

rlortiz by Beginner
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2610 Router that hangs

Network topology:We have a 2600 router with two WIC1-T1-DSUs with two full T1s of Internet (3Meg Internet connection) that connect to a 12000 backbone router. We implement ip cef, ip load-sharing per-packet and ospf, and set the MTU size to 4470 to m...

bbohan by Beginner
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dynamic mac-add table age out

dear all : i met a problem that cisco 7613 super720 dynamic mac-address will disappear from mac-table(because those mac-address already age out), it looks reasonalable , but the truth is user traffics coming from different vlan consitantly , so t...

Removing 128k bandwidth limit

We have a 3600 router connecting to another cisco 3600 router at remote office. we currently have a 128k link. we upgraded to 384, but when upgrade was complete, link failed. downgraded back to 128, and all was fine. saw in config where limit is ...

Newbie-Can ping but cannot traceroute

Dear All,I am very new with CISCO, I had 2 branches: A & B, A is on and B is on .. from A I can ping to B (ie. ping but why I cannot traceroute to B? ..please advise what should I do?

winanjaya by Beginner
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AIM-slot missing on 1721 router

We ordered a VPN accelarator card for our Cisco 1721 router but after opening the cover we discovered that the AIM-slot seems to be missing. Would it be possible that early router shipments did not have this slot.Are these routers field upgradable to...


hellois it possible that BBSM5.3 preserves the original IP source address?Is multinet the solution for this issue? why BBSM says you have just one minute to make the VPN connection?

Best and cost-effective solution

Here is a situation. We need to provide a T3 connection to a central location and from there need to provide certain bandwidth to 4 other locations. Let sayLocation 1 -- needs 10 MbpsLocation 2 -- 10 MbpsLocation 3 -- 5 MbpsLocation 4 -- 10 MbpsWe ar...