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Switch L3 routing

Hello guys! I have trouble to connect my L3 switch outside internet and I can not understand where is my wrong.Please see my config for  switch L3 and router.Thank you in advance .  L3Gateway of last resort is to network 192.168.1...

Do multicast packets get forwarded using fast switching? Can they be configured to be sent using CEF?

A "show ip pim int" command shows multicast switching as "fast". Can we have it use CEF to reduce the load on our router? RTR2(config-if)#do sh ip pim int et0/0 detailEthernet0/0 is up, line protocol is upInternet address is s...

help if needed on my attached configurations

Dear all  i need support and opinion for my attached 3 files for my isr router 2911 and 2 switches  ws-c2960x-24ps-li need to know if its fine ? or need to add some command lines or any modification please share to apply it on my devices  many thanks...

confreg 0x2142

hi, engineers, I have a problem with router 1841 when resetting the router just I type config reg 0x2142 and the second comm reset and power of and on again after that as you see in the pic  


Resolved! Help with GRE

Hello, Sorry if this isn't the correct spot to post this, I'm new here and new to networking.I'm trying to set up a GRE tunnel from my Edge to New Branch routers.  I keep getting the following error:New_Branch(config-if)# %ADJ-5-PARENT: Midchain pare...

Rudy9746 by Beginner
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Only able to IPSEC SVTI interesting destination when sourcing from Loopback

Not sure if this is default behavior or what but I can only ping my lab Lo0 of peer router ( when sourcing from Lo0 of local router. So IPSEC SVTI tunnel is built between two routers (R1 and R2) with couple routers in between simply passing a...

OSPF database exchange to DR and BDR

Hello Experts, I have a query related to how the DB exchange will happen a broadcast OSPF network with 3 or more neighbors. I know that the routers will use a multicast address( send DBD to DR and BDR. And then DR will flood the LS data to ...

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 11.57.50 AM.png

Ethertype ACL with a Layer 2 tunnel

Hello. On an IOS router (probably Cisco 881 or similar, with IOS 15.x), we need to filter traffic going to a Layer 2 tunnel, based on the Ethertype field. Here's the ACL:access-list 200 deny 0x1515 0x0000access-list 200 deny 0x1516 0x0000access-list ...

sasha by Beginner
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EtherType ACL on IOS Router

Hi. How to create an access list which filters out Layer2 packets with specific ethertype on a Cisco IOS router (probably 800 series with IOS 15.x)? Here's how we do it on an IOS switch: mac access-list extended ipc deny   any any 0x1515 0x0 deny   a...

sasha by Beginner
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