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Hi, i am trying to create a L2TP VPN connection for user to remote connection back to office. can i set ip unnumbered GigabitEthernet5 ?can I set in this way? or I have to create the loopback?i am not sure which ip route i should create. please advis...

T0mTheCat by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I'm  trying to use nat on a catalyst 1000 Series.I've configured 2 vlan; one with ip nat inside and another with ip nat outside.I've configured an acl as well. Nat do not work, when i'm using wireshark i see outcoming packets source with...

RT74693 by Level 1
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Hi, I have configured some Public loopbacks on my router and when i try to telnet to my router through the Local network it can let me go inside but when i try to telnet router through these Public IP from outside then it is not allowing me. this hap...

Hi all,The following simple configuration run flawlessly on my C1111-8P and IOS XE 16.  As you can see, I have a trunk ethernet port connected to a switch feeding my router with two VLANs (1 and 2).  And both of my VLANS are bridged on two separate B...

leosoft by Level 1
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We try to establish easy to use policy-map on NCS 540 for business customers. Form the policy we just need to shape traffic in the egress direction. We would like to shape it overall QoS queues. Inside XR world (ASR9k) we use class class-default whic...

I'm trying to route all web traffic over a site to site ipsec vpn.  The vpn is up and running with no issue. The issue I've been struggling with is that I have a route-map statement that is seeing the correct traffic but for some reason its not being...

TheEditor by Level 1
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Hello, Here's a my topology: As you can see, R1, R2, R3 and R4 are configured with OSPF (all the networks connected are declared). My goal is to configure R5 only with sating routing to better understand how it works.So I configured all the static ro...

punasup by Level 1
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HiWe recently have the following log on our ASR903: %CMRP-3-SOFT_ERROR_RELOAD_RECOMMENDED: R0/0: cmand: Uncorrected Soft error on ARAD_1, reload is recommended to recover.%CMRP-3-SOFT_ERROR_UPDATE: R0/0: cmand: Soft error on ARAD_1%CMRP-3-SOFT_ERROR_...

I have two RV340 routers setup at various locations, and are working properly with this exception.  When I initiate a client-to-site vpn, I can only access approximately 10 ip addresses on the internal network.  I haven't found anywhere in the config...

zardoz001b by Level 1
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Hello everbody,I bought an RV160 just to make a nat translation form one router to an networkTopology = Cisco877>>>CiscoRV160>>>>customer networkI  am having this problem, I would like to NAT an adress on my wan port to a

Marc OolB by Level 1
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Hello, Here's a simple topology: I'd like to know which protocol or configuration I have to use to create my backup link considering that my routers are using OSPF. I only find solutions that use HSRP with two routers. Thanks.

punasup by Level 1
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