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Cisco packet tracer login

When i click on the sign in to cisco packet tracer nothing happens. I am not sure what to do. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Also rebooted my laptop.  

gserrano by Beginner
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Packet Tracer: Setting secondary ip address

I am using version  I am trying to set secondary ip address.  I tried multilayer switches and routers available in the given components.  Setting primary ip is not a problem.  But when I try to set a secondary IP address, it gives error. ...

C1101-4p skipping a line in startup config

I have a C1101-4p that keeps skipping a static IP/port mapping when it reloads. Please see example of the line below ip nat inside source static tcp x.x.x.x 443 x.x.x.x 443 extendable This is the first line of the static mappings. It will load the 5 ...

BGP Routing

  Hi Everyone, Anyone can help me about my issue right now, we are trying to ping from our gateway router but using our Public IP's results to have very high latency. The public IP where ISP provided by ISP looks very good. Is th...

mudvayne15 by Beginner
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