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My IOS is 12.3(14)T1. I did a ping with large size packets(20000-35000). Ping result is good, but got some messages: 000413: Apr 25 14:29:50.951 XXX: %SYS-2-CHUNKBADMAGIC: Bad magicnumber in chunk header, chunk 0 data 443E49B0 chunkmagic 0 chunk_f...

riju by Beginner
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Please advise if the Plan/Type of "Unknown" if acceptable since we cannot make a call to this number. Got fast busy tone. Thank you...............................................Calling Party Number i = 0x0081, '7072832267' Plan:Unkno...

netman2k5 by Beginner
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HelloI have to connect a security appliance to a Cisco router 836 in order to configure some VPN site to site in the appliance.To assign the public IP to the appliance I would like configure the Cisco 836 in bridge mode and then the appliance will ge...

maller by Beginner
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Seeing some strange stuff on networks running 2Mb unframed links and IPSEC. From service provider to router shows errors but the other way is clear. This has been seen on different router platforms so seems a generic issue. Anyone experienced this be...

jfriar by Beginner
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Please which ios version is required to implement vrrp on interface cable on CMTS (UBR 7111) and on ethernet interface of 3600 router ?Best regards.

Please, i have a arp fault between CMTS and the iptelephone. When i clear arp, the problem is solve and after it begins.How can i do the solve it complely ?Best regard.

I have a C837 ADSL router which I need to configure to allow people to view a website and access a Mail server which is hosted on a server on the LAN. The router is connected to the internet via an ADSL connection and has a block of 8 IP’s assigned t...

apguy by Beginner
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I have a central 3600 that make and receveive ISDN calls to a from several Cisco 700.Clients from 700 series LAN side use services in two servers on network (W2K (sql) and W2K3 (email)) in the 3600 series LAN side.I run Ethereal in both W2K and W2K3 ...

Hi, there.I'm Alex. I have a question about sinkhole routing.When I implement sinkhole routing using null interface, Does device's CPU utilization increase?If yes, why does it increase?Best Regards,From R.O.KThank you~

skytosky by Beginner
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Hi,I have trouble for understand the concept of bgp feature: next-hop-unchanged. Could somebody give an advice or explanation to me? Even if somebody have the related link in cisco web, please show that to me. Thanks a lot.Sincerely

shan-cao by Beginner
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Hi,Can anybody tell me what does the values of config register means.0x00000x - means the one following this is a hexa decimal.0 - represents what?0 - represents what?0 - represents what?0 - represents what?An early response is really Appreciatable.R...