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 hello. We're looking to implement interface (IP event) and BFD dampening. We currently have BFD being tracked by BGP as well as BGP route dampening in place :interface te1/1/1bfd interval 700 min_rx 700 multiplier 3 router bgp 65000bgp dampeningneig...

lionell01 by Beginner
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I do not know if it is the group of acuado however download here to see if they can give me a hand.We have a router C3900-SPE200/K9 to rout the calls to CUMC, for a few days we are observing that the e1 are in UP state but the lllamadas does not ente...

Wil78 by Beginner
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Hi Team,i am using Cisco IOS XR Software, Version 7.2.2 as PCE controller and trying to put md5 clear password but XRVR is not accepting password length more than 25 character.Any known limitation for this ?config denying more than 25 character and a...

ahmads143 by Beginner
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I have following configuration. My tunnel is up but i cant send routes since yesterday. I have done nothing to the original configuration. My router is not advertising my routes interface Tunnel1ip address ip redirectsip ...

lakhwaraa by Beginner
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I now have an ASR1001-HX router, the version is 17.3.5, and I have obtained the authorization file, but when I installed it, I found that there is no license install command, so the license cannot be installed. I would like to ask how to do this?

543072982 by Beginner
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I have an ASR920 that can't load from USB0. The output shows... rommon 6 > boot usb0:asr920-universalk9_npe.16.11.01a.SPA.binLocated asr920-universalk9_npe.16.11.01a.SPA.bin, start cluster is 173301#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#.#....

Cisco52383 by Beginner
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Hi,    Need advice from senior senior, :).  I'm looking for solution for doing multihoming internet connection. The Situation: 1. We have internet connection to 3 ISP. 2. 2 ISP use eBGP, and 1 ISP use static route. 3. We have our own ASN and 2 /24 pu...

superlubis by Beginner
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Hello,Currently I have a central router that allows me to manage backup via a secondary link. It works correctly !Now I have to add a firewall which will be in DMZ. All ISP-1 and IPS-2 (if ISP-1 become down) traffic must enter the Firewall.My problem...

sebastien3 by Participant
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If anyone can help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. I'm a new Sys Admin working in a Cisco shop. In our headquarters they had moved from using a router to a Cisco 9400 which also handles routing. Currently we have a line connection...

pbiggs by Beginner
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Hi Can any one tell me how I can disable fast switching on ISR4331-DC/K9. I am facing issue multicast packets dropped  (,, 00:02:03/00:00:56, flags: TIncoming interface: Vlan100, RPF nbr interface list:...