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Hello, I have a Cisco C1111 and I'm going to update the firmware, using the FTP I copy the new firmware in flash and then select it in boot system, but always my Cisco run the non desired image  when I did show boot I get that CiscoISR#show boot BOOT...

Hello, I have setup a cisco c1118p and I'm having some difficulty with the load balancing. My setup is with 2 WAN connections. WAN1 is from an ISP (Comcast) and provides a public IP address. WAN2 (AT&T) and is behind a modem. The issue is that the tr...

Hi all,I think i have a simple question. How do you find the (root)cause for ECN-CWR? For example, i have the following PCAP:Is it safe to say that since the SYN (including the ECN-Echo and CWR flag) is coming from, the cause for this ...


I have 3 departments, each have a router and 10 pc's, and I have to configure access-control list based on the below exercises:1.first department should have access to second but not to third2.second department should not have access to any departmen...

Hello!!In my network, I have four routers (R1, R2, R3, and R4), and I am utilizing BGP for routing.The objective is to ensure that all traffic from R4 to the destination follows the path through R3 as the primary route, with R2 acting as the ...

BGP-1.png BGP-2.png
Baratheon by Level 1
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Resolved! VLSM question

Hi Cisco Community, I am a student currently studying and is a bit confuse with the VLSM thingy. So seeking advise from the community. My mini assignment requires me design a network using VLSM and the given ip address is /24 1. Sales: 26 ...

Ch Teo by Level 1
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Hi Cisco Community, Before we downgrade our Cisco Umbrella subscription I want to know if someone has a work around. Long story short, we 100% standardize on Cisco Meraki firewalls which VPN connections require built in MacOS and Windows VPN client. ...

ETSWORKS by Level 1
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Hi, We have a 3 x DC architecture that can be summarised as per below: DC1 - West LondonDC2 - Telehouse WestDC3 - Telehouse NorthDC1 has an ethernet metro line directly to DC2 and DC3 and likewise DC2 and DC3 have a X-Connect within Telehouse, thus f...

CliveG by Level 1
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Hello Members,I am planning to implement IPSLA feature on my Nexus 9K running NX-OS 9.38 with 'LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG' license, but I am not sure that my current license package support the IPSLA feature. Can anybody confirm it with their knowle...

Resolved! VTP Password

Hello,Why when exec 'show vtp password' the router responds with 'vtp password is configured' and not showing original password?Currently i use C9300 with SW version 17.09.03

hs08 by Spotlight
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Hi,I've been trying to authenticate a user login through utilizing a Virtual server running radius and i keep getting stuck with the error message Access-reject, len 20 any ideas on what could be causing this i have provided screen captures of both m...

Capture.PNG Capture3.PNG

Hello I have a homeserver which is behind a CGNAT. Therefore, I use a VPS with public IP which is connected to my virtual opnsense via WireGuard to avoid this. This works perfectly, and I can route the traffic from the VPS directly to my VMs. But I h...

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erverg by Level 1
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