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i have router asr1006 , i used at as A pppoe server i have used QINQ secend tag in rotuerinterface TenGigabitEthernet2/0/0.904 description Cust1-QINQ encapsulation dot1Q 904 second-dot1q any pppoe enable group PPPOE-SERVER3 interface Virtual-Te...

Hi all,I'm quite new to sd access, I see that it is possible to deploy small sites with a single node as FE/CP/Border, to avoid loosing resiliency and have auto consistent sites. But in this way, in case I create 20 different vrf, I would have to con...

In this Lab , i configured in AS100 OSPF betwenn R8,R9,R3,R2 and R1,  and iBGP between R2 and R1between R1 and R6 is eBGP configured .between R2 and R6 is eBGP configured.but still R8 is not able to ping network 44.44.44..44 /24 in R4where is the Pro...

Aziz_Semo by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,In order to calculate the Bandwidth of the interface I want understand the role of following:- (1) Tx/Rx load ?(2) Input/output rates?(3) Interface speed 1Gb(4) Can we test the committed ISP 1 GB link on router with ping and MTU size l...

1. In the following link page 51, line 3, what does prefix mean? "You cannot have RTB generate a prefix for" What's the role this...

Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing well and safe at home with your loved ones. I am new here and just completed my CCNA certification last month. I am interested to know one thing. I have seen many people writing some certification number like if they h...

NickAjay by Beginner
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not sure if best to post this here or security I have customer that has a large layer 2 network, basically its a fibre ring with 25 siteseach site has a switch, and there are a number of VLAN's running over the network.Rapid Spanning Tree is on the r...

daddum61 by Beginner
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Hello. We have at our head end 100 Mbps MPLS circuit. We have 18 remote MPLS sites, with varying speeds, with several recently upgraded to 50 and 20 Mbps. On our head end MPLS through solarwinds reporting and on the interface I'm seeing at most the a...

Resolved! CERM & esp-null

Hi Gurus of industryi wonder does on ISR2G CERM enforces on the ESP-NULL (0 cipher) protected traffic the same restrictions as on regularly protected traffic (meaning no HSECK9 is enabled & BW is limited to 85Mbps of unidirectional protected traffic)...

Hi All, I have two different internet links however have only one /24 public IP segment. How do we configure the BGP load-sharing. We want to make use of both the internet links. The ISP's wont allow the the prefix length less than /24 so i can't bre...

NAGA1 by Beginner
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