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Hello everyone,I would like to know what's the best pratice to set up queue limits on ASR1000 as BNG role.I reviewed Cisco documentation but I need expamples from real world.Imagine an ASR1000 acting as BNG where 500/1000 PPPoE Internet service termi...

DavideL3 by Beginner
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Is there any way to let the traffic to be encrypted? When I ping the end devices from company B to company A, the traffic is encrypted.But when I ping from company B to company C, the traffic is not encrypted.I want to make it both traffic encrypted....

sofhin by Beginner
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Hi, We are running a Cisco ASR1001-X with the default 2.5Gb throughput licence, with multiple interfaces.  There is a complex way to check this with monitoring I guess and some adding up,  however,  is there a simple way to display peak throughput on...

Resolved! loopback

what is loopback? what is the purpose of a loopback? and it use the highest ip interface or also any available loopguared in the network?

I have the Cisco 1941 with a backup 3G service primary service in a PPPOE connection. Both interfaces are working, the 3G is dial on demand and it comes up when dialed.I have a 8 port EHWIC-D8ESGP  which the clients are connected to, this interface w...

ManIDE661 by Beginner
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I finally received a couple ISR c1111-4pwb.  My understanding was they should have dual external antennas for wifi .. but they do not.  Are the antennas only for LTE?   

Chris S by Beginner
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I have two routers at a site for redundancy each running HSRP on the inside interface. and tracking the outside interface on each router. This has been working as I thought. The problem came into play when the site routers lost connectivity with each...

bymc by Beginner
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Resolved! VIRL Routing ISsue

My work purchased Cisco VIRL for me the other day and I've been having issues getting networking to function. My topology:Switch 2 int 1 --> Int 1 Switch 1 int 2 --> Int 1 Router Int 2  --> int 1 Switch 3 int 2 --> int 1 Switch 4 1 Router (Config) in...

We ran into a software bug recently that caused the entire stack to fail - and we are looking at ways of removing the stack as a single point of failure. Currently we have the following setup: (Port channel from the ASR to SW1, ASR port-channel subin...

johnl3 by Beginner
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Hi guyI have any question about equal cost load balancing I have a scenario you can see here >>> So i need to know this case if PC request to web server via R1 > R2 > R3 > R4   then the web server  reply back to cli...

TimeOut by Beginner
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Resolved! static route

Hi, I defined but when I use the following command --> ip route Next hop --> I face "%Inconsistent address and mask". Again when I change my subnet to my command takes effect. Why?