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  1. PPP & CHAP - R4 must require R1 and R2 to authenticate using CHAP but R1 and R2 must not require R4 to authenticate means that you can't run command ppp authentication chap command on R1 and R2 and you cant use Username command on R1 and R2 oth...


Static Routing over Serial

Hello, I can't seem to remember how to do this. I know its something crazy simple that I am missing. I am trying to static route from Daville1 to Daville3 right now and I can't seem to get a ping through. Got my CCNA almost three years ago and haven'...

ASA-5510 Access Rules, beginner misunderstandings...

The default access rules on this box allow incoming IP from "any" to "any less-secure network". plus a global (outgoing?) "any to any", with no rule for the WAN connection. That's enough to let all my devices reach the outside world, and for more-sec...

Loxmyth by Beginner
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Acceptable CRC percent NCS 500

Hello All, Is the generally acceptable level of CRC errors on a device 1% or less, or does it vary depending on the device type, e.g. router vs. switch vs. WLC?  I have an NCS 5500 that is slowly accumulating CRC's, at an extremely low rate, and I do...

bgp route-map modification

My question is regarding the impact of filters or redistibution while modifying a route-map: For example: suppose i have a redistibution route-map with a DENY 10 statement that denies all routes.Suppose i want to allow some routes. I type: route-map ...

gnijs by Enthusiast
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Alias Command (pix) in IOS

Hi,I'm looking for a similar command in IOS to the "alias" command for PIX. I have a setup where my internal clients need to reach a web server in the DMZ. The DNS response is the outside (official) IP address of the web server. I would like the Rout...

ASR 9901 Features

I am trying to find the following features for ASR9901, but I am unable to find.   Maximum nos. of FIB table entries for IPv4 and IPv6Maximum IS-IS/OSPF neighbors.Maximum nos. of IPv4 ACLs and IPv6 ACLs.Maximum BGP neighborscan someone help me to fin...

Newbie needs help understanding IP summarization.

So I'm taking a Network Defense course as part of my Cybersecurity training on Cisco's SkillsforAll platform, and I'm a bit confused about an example of Wildcard Mask calculation that they are giving me. The example goes like this:"Assume you needed ...

ted30 by Beginner
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