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How can I aply something like PBR but for the traffic originated from the router interface itself in a multi-homed setup? See the diagram attached.I have configured on TenGigE0/0/0/1. I would like ping replies to ping requests to that IP ...

als95 by Level 1
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Hi, Two routers, R1 and R2, are directly connected and are EIGRP neighbors. R1 redistributes static route. On R2 I am seeing the total delay of 410 microseconds for that redistributed static route. The R2's ingress interface on which the advertisemen...

iores by Level 1
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Hi I'm troubleshooting an atm/dsl interface on a 877 router. We have some problem whit CRC errors and Header errors. My problem is that I want to clear the counters(errors when "show dsl int atm 0"), I have tried:clear atmclear int atm 0clear counter...

Hello,  I wanted to know if the ISR4331 supports dual power supplies or not. According to this Cisco platform datasheet, it shows that this particular model supports PSU0 and PSU1, which indicates to me that it DOES support dual power supplies.    ci...

ZK916 by Level 1
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My ap can connect to the laptop but it doesn't get ip via dhcp but I don't see why. Can someone take a look at this. Must be coming from Router first floor on the left side. Adding the configurations done would be a very big help.Thanks in advance

TS40 by Level 1
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Hey i am student and trying something out in packet tracer. I am creating a network and have some trouble with the WLC.I have made 3 vlans for Guest (Bezoekers), Users (Medewerkers), and Management (Directie).I can connect to the AP's with a laptop b...

I am using a dynamic NAT pool in my router for internet traffic and it is working fine. But one of the website doesn't work with dynamic NAT and I have to configure a destination based static NAT for that. Not sure how to do this and is it possible t...

cboruah by Level 1
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I'm trying to bridge a VLan using L2TPV3 over IPSEC.Everything is working properly when the computers have an MTU manually lowered to 1300. But it doesn't work for computers with default MTU.The show L2tp session all shows no packets being dropped be...

bdecout by Level 1
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Hi,  Just trying to find what the recommended lowest ios is acceptable to use for Cisco to still be in support for them.the devices we have are the below, with their current versions:CISCO1921/K9 - Version 15.4(3)M8WS-C2960X-24TS-L - Version 15.0(2a)...

Tippey by Level 1
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