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i!I don't know what this passage means, can someone please explain it for me, Thanks! Do this means I finished all my work about TCP and I receive an ACK, this just means my work is done, It's somebody else's problem. ACK is just mean my work is done...

rookie R by Beginner
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I'm currently working on creating a Redundancy in two different VLANs (100& 200) having a different network. Within the two switches (IOS2-1 & IOS2-2), I configure the default gateway for access switches in HSRP VIPs, But I still can't ping VLAN 100 ...

We're advertising the same /16 network via aggregate out two BGP routers.  The /16 network is being learned by both routers via OSPF E2 routes.  When R21 is up we'd like to prefer that path. Only use R11 when R21 is down. Normalized- R11 has a BGP AD...

dnoc43 by Beginner
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Hello the community, You can find attached the case study topology and routers configurations. For information :- Site routers are ISR4331- Dc routers are ASR1001-x router- These routers can accept by default 16 différents path to join a network and ...

Hello, We have two Cisco routers 1921 (Software Version 15.7(3)M5) with a EHWIC-4ESG card connecting multiple L2 switches. I have configured vlan10 with multiple IPs to provide access to all devices in the LAN segment. Router 1 (R1) is by configurati...

Hi Dear experts,Can I use Cisco Me-4924-10ge Switch with  as Epon (P2MP)If possible, can some one help me to configure the switch to connect with ONU/ONTI am having Cisco GLC-BX-D Compatible 1000BASE-BX-D BiDi SFP 1490nm-TX/1310nm-RX 10km DOM Transce...

JRK-Simos by Beginner
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Hello all! I need to push out a new configuration to about 2000+ Cisco IOS devices and about 1000+ Fortinet firewall appliances. I found a nice script that does most of what I want but won't execute configuration commands. For some reason if I alter ...

cscecela7 by Beginner
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Hi  Am new to Cisco devices and got my hands on a Cisco ISR C1111 with 4G redundancy. Am trying to set it up to help a friend but am having difficulties to get it configured. Essentially, I want to get an internal vlan 88 for the users, connected to ...

hi Guys, i have an issue with the 2951 router where the DMVPN stays in NHRP state. IOS :c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M9.bin"Router model CISCO2951/K9 I checked the configuration and everything looks fine, so just want to know if the router is hit w...