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Hi All and thanks for any clues or solutions. First Issue My VPN setup seems to work ( Connects fine to my Iphone and Ipad) even with some issues in the log !! ?? Should I just ignore those ??  %CRYPTO-6-IKMP_MODE_FAILURE: Processing of Aggressive mo...

lars.arler by Beginner
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Hi We have two edge routers which are connected to ATT and Verizon separately. One of two routers is primary and second one is backup. so almost all of the time only one router work and another router is resting there. Do we have a way to bind the tw...

wfqk by Contributor
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Resolved! RD value problem

helloas i've searched i reached to one document but parts of that confused me :ip vrf Customer_A rd 65000:100 route-target export 65000:100 route-target import 65000:100 route-target import 65000:300 ! ip vrf Customer_B rd 65000:200 route-targe...

Hi.. currently i have been facing weird issue. I have two routers Router A in location X & Router B in location Y. GRE tunnel is established b/w two both over Crypto IPSec. I have been facing packet drops while pinging Router B tunnel IP from Router ...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Hey there Everyone. I am trying to find more information on how the polling is done through Hardware VPN set up. Is it done through a trace Route or a ping? Currently my company states that a polling gap of more than 2 minutes means that there was si...

Hi All, Bit confused with BGP graceful and restart procedures. Requirement is to shut bgp session to a bgp peer and then after the activity bring up the same session so that the BGP peering / route sharing gets back to normal. neighbor<ipv4-address>s...

Hi All, Can someone help me with a design challenge i am facing, and how i can overcome the same. My setup looks like below. I fear if routes will be reflected all the way to R1 and R2   


I'm trying to delete an unused bin file on a router I plan on upgrading.  Directory of bootflash:/*snip for brevity*14 -rw- 424196520 Jan 13 2016 14:13:28 +00:00 isr4400-universalk9.03.13.04.S.154-3.S4-ext.SPA.bin15 -rw- 491568196 Mar 26 2017 23:57:3...

rfountain by Beginner
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Good Day, I am having issues with my ASA configuration and have thus far been unlucky in determining a solution. I have a bunch of hosts in a DMZ and a couple of client nets that they need access to. I need to route and allow traffic from hosts in th...

jimmlegs by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF network type

hello when  asked for DMVPN configuration(phase 3):Ensure spokes establish OSPF adjacency through a tunnel , and without attempting  to elect any DR ,does it mean Network type should be point-2-Multipoint ?and if Yes ? Why? thanks and regard