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I set up a C1121-4P router for a friend with int gig0/0/0 facing the ISP with ip address dhcp. int gig0/0/1 See attached sh run. Vanilla Configuration not much security or complexity. After a power reload the GUI "

Doing a lab ~When applying an ACL to policy based routing it is working as intended. When applying a prefix-list that is supposed to be matching the same subnet it is not.  R3 is applying PBR. R4 has two loopback:L4:

2023-06-01 22_44_15-Greenshot capture form.png 2023-06-01 22_44_15-Greenshot capture form.png 2023-06-01 22_44_15-Greenshot capture form.png 2023-06-01 22_44_15-Greenshot capture form.png
hfakoor222 by Spotlight
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Hi, I am currenlty working on packet tracer project for school regarding this information of a corporation "Across the States Bank (ASB) takes pride in providing our customers with superior service and the ability to manage their finances 24/7 from a...

I have set up a straightforward static 1:1 tunnel connecting two remote locations in a Hub and Spoke configuration. EIGRP is in operation between them. Recently, I've observed that the routes are disappearing and reappearing every hour or even minute...

ro11_0-1707998719404.png ro11_1-1707998014589.png ro11_2-1707998024301.png
ro11 by Beginner
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Looking for some description for one particular LED on the front panel of ir1101. The LED-icon is showing a human + LED. Documentation: says ...

sbrobak by Beginner
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Hello World, Can someone please clarify the following question, succinctly, without a philosophical diatribe:The chart I obtained from Cisco shows that only 7200, and a handful of others support MPLS, and must have CEF enabled. Then I began reading o...

worldnews7 by Beginner
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Configuring c1921 with a couple SVI interfaces, yes the Switch neighbor willrecieve the IP defined from the scope that i give, and ping alive both side.VTP v2 Server setup c1921, and Switch running Client mode butno VTP synchronisation will be succee...

I had configured 2 P2P with RSTP protocol between two location primary one Fiber and secondary on RF which is backup P2P , it's successfully worked. But some time without any fiber outage or down traffic divert on RF P2P. Primary is 200mbps and Secon...

i signed in to a new ISR 1100 series router and get this message after the configuration finished installing and prompted to there a new password  %Cisco-SDWAN-RP_0-CFGMGR-4-WARN-300005: R0/0: CFGMGR: New admin password not set yet, waiting for daemo...

davidexyte by Beginner
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On R1int vlan 2, ip add fa0/0, switchport mode access, switchport access vlan 2On R2Int fa0/1Vrf-Testip add R1 and R2 ping each other?Does the vrf or the vlan takes precedence?   

Iloveyou by Beginner
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Hello, New to IT and switching and routing, I need to set up an Azure express routeWe have a Cisco 9300 core switch, and a Sonic Wall firewallWhat would best practice be? configuring the routing on the Sonic wall or 9300 ?Main network is 10.x.x.x/24 ...

Hello,My VLAN users are unable to access Internet. I have tried different access lists and can't figure out the problem. Can someone tell me what is missing here?Thank you.interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0description Connection to Internetip address 1.2...

acet by Beginner
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Hi, In short: Are keepalive packets being blocked by default on an ASA firewall? Or are special settings required when NAT is being used in conjunction? In long:Background:(server)----[outside](Natting firewall; ASA5555-X; managed by FMC)[inside]----...

wim76 by Beginner
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