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I have a link between the data center and a client through two dark fibers. I have configured etherchannel lacp Active - Active. When testing with the client disconnecting the links (one at a time) to see how the etherchannel behaved port side was di...

   Hello,   I have what I think to be a simple configuration but for some reason routing is not working properly. The configuration is:[Firewall] ( <-> [L3 Switch Interface] (   Config on the L3 Inter...

Uplink90 by Beginner
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Hi,On 4500-X I add a route-map :route-map set-LOCALPREF permit 10set local-preference 300In the console I see the following message once the route-map is added : *Mar 24 08:11:42.623: entryalert!Any idea why this is creating an alert ?

sebastien3 by Enthusiast
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Hi site-to-site VPN packets are not encrypted and decrypted, please let me know what could be the problem      Site-A#sh crypto ipsec sainterface: Ethernet0/0Crypto map tag: cryptomap, local addr vrf: (none)local ident (addr/mask/...


Hi I have setup a lab as mentioned in following diagram. In following diagram i am trying to ping from user-4 to vpc machine. But ping between these two machines are not happening. The topology is not complete yet as i am stuck at this point and woul...

ra4ul by Beginner
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Hi All,I have aquery with regards to speed and duplex setting on a fibre port. On my ASR1002 router when I connect a fibre sfp on a port it does not give me the option for setting the speed and duplex, however on the same port if i connect a copper ...

hi,will be doing QinQ on a cisco 4k router.saw this feature was added on IOS-XE 16.12.1 it's only ...

Hi, I'm trying to set up a simple P2P topology between 2 routers with iskamp encryption. and establish EIGRP between them. The setting of the P2P between both works but the EIGRP does not work. When I remove the encryption between the routers, EIGRP ...

shlomoi by Beginner
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