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I have an isr4431 behind a firewalla purple and can't get my DNS to stay connected. My connection on my test pc flaps from connected to not connected. I can ping and traceroute across internet but can't use DNS to access sites. I have DNS servers set...

slussj by Beginner
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I have an IR829 router that I am trying to move from cell internet to Starlink via ethernet adapter. The problem I having is that the router needs to get a DHCP address from Starlink. That works if I don't have ZBFW (zone based firewall) configured o...

Hi, I was doing some labs and configured an unnumbered interface on a GRE tunnel that borrows the loopback IP. When I looked at the router LSA I saw that the point-to-point link's IP address was and was wondering where it got it from. Other ...

Sam-CCNP by Beginner
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Are there any caveats associated when peering in BGP with an HSRP virtual address?I have a national ethernet circuit which terminates on a layer 2 switchport. The vlan of this switchport is then trunked to 2 Layer 3 gateway routers running HSRP betwe...

Hi, I have a 3 datacentre architecture. See below: DC1: Connection to DC2 and DC3DC2: Connection to Transit ISP 1, DC1 and X-Connect to DC3DC3: Connection to Transit ISP 2, DC1 and X-Connect to DC2 If we look at the above, it is basically a triangle ...

CliveG by Beginner
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Hello,   I have a demo SDWAN enviroment configured by Cisco I suucceed to configure an IR 1101 in SDWAN and I activate the HTTP server because I need to load an application in IOX manager. The problem is i couldnt connect on router's web page on inte...

So here is a question.  I want to trunk the same vlan/subnet together between three geographically separated sites.  Lets say vlan10 associated to subnet /28.     Obviously I can create a single routed SVI interface at SiteA with IP address ...

cmparish5 by Beginner
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Hello Dearswhen i apply the policy on sub interface  in N540-24Z8Q2C-Mthe error appeared:!!% 'DPA_QOSEA' detected the 'warning' condition 'Out of Resource'i checked the processors was fulled except one as  in picture how can i transfer to the third a...

Eng.AD27 by Beginner
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Hi friends,I have switch 9300 in simple topology like this:PC admin -----------(int vlan 40)c9300-(int vlan 60)--------VcenterI create an ACL on C9300 to allow only PC admin access vcenter web guiip access-list extended Vcenter permit ip host 172.30....

dragonhunt9111_0-1700618799484.png dragonhunt9111_1-1700619364985.png

Hi, I am trying to set up a DNS server on the router for my local network, these are my configs: Current configuration : 1439 bytes!! Last configuration change at 00:14:16 UTC Tue Jan 9 1900!version 15.1no service padservice timestamps debug datetime...

matjxa by Beginner
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