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Hello,I have 4331 router with 24 port switch module. I upgraded the iOS on the router using usb but how do I upgrade the iOS on switch module using usb? I understand I can setup a laptop with tftp etc but I am looking for a usb solution.when I plug t...

garyD by Level 1
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First off I'm a cisco noob so I relialize I'm probably asking a rediculous question.  I am currently setting up a UC540 that I bought used that does not have a configuration. The problem I have encountered is the router is capable of pinging IP addre...

jfriend29 by Level 1
  • 18 replies
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Is it possible to configure the HWIC ports as LAN ports? For example, i have the 1921 behind a consumer router so i know its a double NAT situation, its for a LAB, i want to be able to connect client devices on the 4 ports of the HWIC segregated from...

crixis by Level 1
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hi,we've got ASR1K with IOS-XE version 16.9.x and using non-Smart license.the chassis is running the default 2.5 Gbps throughput.just a few the show platform hardware qfp active datapath utilization summary command used to find the cur...

SIT Router (Active Router) SIT DMZ (Standby router) Configuration: SIT (Active)int g0/0/1.20standby 2 ip 2 priority 110standby 2 preemptstandby track s0/1/0int g0/0/1.10standby 1 ip 1 priority 110standby 1 preemp...

212935n by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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Hello,I'm trying to get the 1GB WAN port up and running in RV260 (it has no built-in PoE feature). I have upgraded the router to the latest firmware and used multiple PoE adapters but the port is not working. It worked for a couple of seconds, I got ...

pr0t by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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