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Hello,I am studying about type2 Lsa in OSPF and many places have pseudonode mentioned. I am having hard time understanding about the pseudonode concept. Could anyone explain about this?Also, second question, how does type2 Lsa help build the spf tree...

Hi,   I seem to be having some issues with my policers i have set up to police certain flows to limited bandwidth.  I have attached a simple diagram to illustrate the premise of what i am trying to do.   Essentially I have some servers in each locati...

We're looking to extend our MPLS network across AT&T's MPLS network to a remote site.  Is it possible to use GRE tunnels to achieve this?  The Cisco document below specifically says MPLS over GRE across non-MPLS networks.

mdasher79 by Level 1
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Hello Expert, I have three routers connect hub using pppoe , I notice after 24 hr elapses I am losing my eigrp routes.(when I do show route the are no entries ) This issue is happening to only one of my spoke routers.In order to re populate the eigrp...

jomo frank by Level 1
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Hi,   I am planning to setup FPR 2110 running ASA image in HA and running OSPF. we have site A and B connected via two point-to-point links (P2P). let me know if the attached design is good to go, if not suggest. i want outside interface facing site ...

Hi all, I've got a Dialer going through a PPPOE connection, if i connect a laptop directly to the PPPOE connection then i get internet access fine but not from a Cisco 4432. I have noticed that the ACL assigned to the Dialer interface is not showing ...

How can a static route from Router3 be routed by Router2 to all other connected devices in the given topology?R1 -------R3-------- R4tunnel through R3Please see the attached document for more details. This involve PAT/NAT. No NAT translations are occ...

Hi,i am facing a problem, I have two offices Site A and Site B, all configuration are correct, all PCs can communicate with each other and servers expect PC2, PC2(under vlan 218) can directly communicate with ISP1 and ISP2(run hsrp), is P...

ltgcisco by Level 1
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hello i am having trouble with extended acls. i am practicing extended and standard acls but i am having a hard seems i cant get pc-3 and dmz server to ping pc-1.The first thing i did was i wanted to protect corporate network from other  netw...