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3750 stack stopped passing CDP packets

Hello,   We ran into an issue today where we had to move a phone and upon plugging it back in, the phone did not get a DHCP address. It obviously wouldn't work at all.  So we tested cycling a different phone and the same issue happened.  I then took ...

Resolved! BGP Transit Peering Issue

We are 2 physically separate Data centres, requirement is to design resilient internet links. We have ordered 2 separate internet links with 2 ISPs, both came with their own address ranges, we then registered with RIPE as a result acquired /22 public...

eyep by Beginner
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BGP router ID can be set to anything..??

Hi All,If I want to set a BGP router-id (even thoug it is optional) while forming a EBGP peering with ISP, can I use any IP (like pvt IP) or any recomended suggestions for that..? Iam kind of lost in this..;-)Thank youMS

mvsheik123 by Rising star
  • 11 replies
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3 vWICs in 2821 = errors? (I'm at a loss.)

I learned yesterday that Cisco only truly supports 4 T1s in a 2821. I have 3 WICs in a 2821 (6 T1s) and it's been "working" fine. I noticed that I've been incurring CRC errors on ALL 6 of my interfaces. I've contacted the local telco, and they tested...

DR BDR election OSPF

Suppose I have 3 routers in same multi-access(transit) network and all of them have priority 0, which would mean all 3 would not take part in the DR BDR election. So what would happen in this scenario? They would stop at 2-Way state?If they are in ...

Resolved! Static IP Route

Hello,   I'm looking at setting up a new router for another branch that will be opening up. I cannot seem to get a static route to work. We are setup for VPLS through our ISP so all routes are pointed to which is our hub site. Below is t...

Tracking an SLA based on ICMP packet loss

Under IOS 12.4, I have to be able to make a routing table entry contingent on the level of ICMP packet loss experienced when accessing a particular IP address over a single hop. I've had no problem in the past basing tracking on simple go/no-go avail...

benstrauss by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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Cant see WebServer Locally! HELP

Hello!   Please Help! I have a webemail server connected on a cisco881. Nat is working and everybody from the outside network can get to my webemail. When I am seatig localy, with my private ip, and type my server on Browser, it doesn't get me anywhe...

fotismark by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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HSRP behavior during the establishment

Hello. I have a question. I use 2 2600 routers with HSRP v1. I see, that during the speak state both routers are sending packets with the Virtual MAC and not their real MAC. Can it be changed by configuration? Is it the same in HSRP v2? And VRRP (I r...

KseniaM by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Error-Unable to add line attributes from ANCP

Hello Team, Am trying to migrate PPPoE BRAS from 7204 to 7206. i have duplicated all the configuration on the old router to the new router (7206) and authentication via external radius is working fine and the session gets created, but the service is ...

Skywalker by Beginner
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Resolved! MTBF for Router 891

Where could I find the MTBF information of this particular product? I am able to find info on other products from the 800 series but not on this one plus there are huge variance between them so Im insecure of picking data of a "similar" unit. Kind re...

amoralc by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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