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Dear all, I would like to request to suggest to choose for branches router between isr 1000 and isr 4300. My requirement is IPSec 100 M support. i will run DMVPN for spoke Tunnel and other Point to Point IPSec Tunnel.So i run two tunnel in one branch...

MrBeginner by Spotlight
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We have two routers (A and B) doing BGP with an ISP.  We had a scheduled outage to bring down side A. We did not have a static BGP router-id setup or a loopback interface configured on A or B.  We bring down side A, go through the scheduled outage, a...

Hi,I am configuring multihoming with HSRP.I have to ISPs (A and B) and two Routers.For link failure BGP willtake care and for Router failure HSRP will take care.Using this concept i can use only one link at any time.Is there any way that i can share ...

Dear community, I know this question was asked a couple of times already, but nevertheless I couldn't manage it to get it running.I have the following setup INTERNET <=> ASA5508-X <=> Internal-Web-Server We just have one public ip, that is assigned t...

niLuxx by Level 1
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I want to config. my Cisco 1941 router to1. enable my LAN users to access internet2. make my web server live from internet,my ISP gave me thiswan ip mask public I...

Aronamaha by Level 1
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Hello guys. I've a question about iBGP behaviour.I built a simple topology like thisThere is a ebgp peering and a full mesh ibgp with eigrp ( network for simplicity ) as underlay routing protocol.on R2, my edge router, I config a network stat...


Hi friends I need to practice mpls in packet tracer.I am using Cisco 2911 router for practing.In this, I can able to enable ospf but i can't use mpls ip command in this series router.Can can one help me is there any specific series router need to con...

prince.p by Level 1
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