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Resolved! Nexus 5010

Two questions1. In Cisco Nexus 5010 is vPC available in Base OS Software? I plan to use Nexus for iSCSI and LAN traffic so I do not need FC or FCOE but I want to use vPC.2. Are this part numbers correct for order a Cisco Nexus 5010 without DCB and re...

aguia05 by Beginner
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VSAN's vs Zoning

I was browsing the MDS 9000 documentation, and in the software product bulletin found descriptions of both virtual sans and zoning. Being from a storage background, not a networking background, I do not understand the difference between the 2. From...

storagegal by Beginner
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Resolved! Device Manager on 5548

Hi,Have a pair of new 5548UPs here running 5.2(1)N1(1a) with SPS license. My past experience with the 5Ks has been that I could access Device Manager by pointing a browser at the mgmt0 IP, and launching the installer from there. On these new switches...

Brad_80 by Beginner
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Resolved! Fabric Manager and Nexus 5K

when trying to use Fabric Manager with the  Nexus 5K, I get an error message that I need to upgrade to version 6.1.1.  As far as I can tell 5.0.7 is the latest available.I have MDS 9000's and Nexus 5548UP's, what version of Fabric Manager will work w...

rodmoore by Beginner
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Unable to access MDS9148

Hi All,We have a problem with  MDS9148 without access by cli, our costumer set a configuration for RADIUS in 4(four) switches, after that he cannot access switch...Configuration on switch via Telnet are disable....When try access by SSH the switch de...

Nexus 5548 UP and FCoE an brocade

Hi,I need help.Architecture :I have got two Nexus 5548UP .The nexus are linked to 2 brocade 200e.Esxi are conrected to Nexus 2248PP, Fcoe and Data >>> interface 101/1/9Problem:I try configured Fcoe to Esxi 5.0 but the interface vfc 1 still down.My co...

a.auvinet by Beginner
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2 VSANs and FC Links To Storage

I have 2 MDS 9148s and would like to create 2 VSANs, no problem. All the storage is located on one EMC (2 FC links from the controllers to the MDS).The issue I have is can I have a port a member of 2 VSANs, I would think not. The reason is, the curre...

MDS 9509 ISL MDS 9124

Hello all,have a quiry hope you can help me.Im adding a new MDS 9124 NX-OS Release 5.0(1), have already an existing 9509 with the follwing software version:  BIOS:      version 1.0.6  kickstart: version 3.2(3)  system:    version 3.2(3)im connecting ...

Resolved! ivr on nexus 5548UP

Hi, the feature ivr command does not work on the nexus 5548UP switches. I have a scenario where i have to transfer some vms which are almost about 500G in vsan 100 over to a different storage that is on vsan 200. (I dont want to use NFS). The connect...

New to MDS_vSAN

Hello There,We are new to CISCO MDS Switches, I would like to get you suggestion on an existing setup that was done  recently.Environment is,  3 Cisco Servers with 2port HBA over FC connecting  to a FC SAN (with dual controller).  To enable this conn...

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