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Resolved! [Catalyst 1000 Series] Flexlink Function

Hi all, Currently, Catalyst 1000 Series with version 15.2(7)E not support Flexlink function, but does it support Flexlink+?I've try to add Flexlink+ command on this model not success, the error displayMain port:interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1switchpor...

EZ17 by Beginner
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802.1x wake on LAN support

Hito enable Wake on LAN on 802.1x enabled ports the settingaccess-session control-direction both | inmust be used. From the descriptions it seems to be clear that the option in must be used, so that the switch can forward the magic packet to the devi...

thgusset by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 6880-X-LE No VSLOTs Left?

I am trying to create a new fiber extension off of my 6880 X LE catalysts but the fex is stuck at "Registration" and the logs show: %FEXMGR-SW1-3-FEXMGR_MAX_VSLOT_ALLOC: No VSLOTs are left for new module to allocate. Enable Temp VSLOT to allow 'renum...

Cisco switch stuck at switch: prompt

I mistakenly did the factory reset-all on my Cisco 9200 switch and now the switch is only showing the switch: prompt at start-up.  How do I get the switch back to where it belongs with no config  and booting from the packages.conf?

DAVID by Beginner
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vss upgrade

Hello,I want to upgrade  6880-x-le VSS switches from 152-1.SY4 to 155-1.SY8.  My plan is to upload the new software to both switches and use the "reload" command.there is one thing that I am not sure of and that is the ROMMON. The current version is ...

Resolved! VLAN

Hi Guy's,I've just start my CCNA, and i have a question, why when we have two switch's and more than a vlan in each switch, we need a physical link for each vlan (without using a trunk ) . Sorry if my question seems silly 

Mohdz by Beginner
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Netflow not working on IE3200

Hi All,   I'm trying to enable netflow on this switch but it doesn't work:- I upgraded the IOS-XE from 16.12.03 to 17.06.03:     #sh version ROM: IOS-XE ROMMON BOOTLDR: Version 7.1.8 [RELEASE SOFTWARE] crashkernel=64M xxx uptime is 2 hours, 27 minute...

Resolved! Change the certificate used by a Cisco 3850

I have a new 3850 L3 switch. It had a self-signed certificate installed when I first booted the switch. The certificate appears to be either 512 or 1024 in length. I would like to create a key that is 2048 in length. I can issue the crypto key genera...

9200L Stack ring splits

I have a stack of 6 switches that on occasion the stack ring will split into 1 and 5. Running show switch gave me one member as ready and the others as removed. When I would try to console into one of the others, it was unresponsive or was in straggl...

jasonmeyer by Beginner
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