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Hi Guys, I enable access management-list and access management class in sg350. Now i'm seeing this logs in my ssh session, my question is would this logs consume too much resources of my switches ?  is this command safe to apply in busy switches?and ...

i am unable to access internet, i am sharing my running cisco 2901 config - my pppoe client getting ip address but unable to access internet, pls help me out to confgiure command  interface GigabitEthernet0/1ip address nat...

Yasmeen by Level 1
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Hello,I  got C3850-stack of 3 switches when I console the active switch is working fine but when to put the console cable to SW-2 or SW-3 is not working.please advice me.Thanks 

saboodi by Level 1
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Hello,Hope some can help and identify an issue I am facing. Below is my lab topology in GNS3, using nxsosv-9k- image. ASW has links to NXS1 and NXS2 in a port channel. Everything works fine in the normal scenario, I can ping both NXS and HS...

geeksy by Level 1
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I am looking at a production switch that has several port-channels configured, almost one of which have descriptions.I know what individual interface I am want to edit, but I don't know which group it is a member of. Is there a command that will show...

Hi experts, I am trying to configure EEM which will check the status of a tracked object - ipsa in my case and take an action to shutdown an interface.  ip sla 1icmp-echo 10000frequency 30ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now t...

Hello, On our DHCP server I can see a device that is plugged into VLAN 70 that is non corporate device as it says it's an android device. I've gone onto our Cisco 2960x stack and ran the 'show arp' command and it only show the management IPs. The Cis...

Gonzo1 by Level 1
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